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  1. I wood leaf this alone if I could - but I just can't. I'm a sap for the easy joke.
  2. Please note that @Konas just says he 'remembers' these things. What he's not saying is how often those memories are 'nightmares' that haunt him
  3. See - I read it as @Konas wanted to come out and pick up your kids for a weekend, playing games in the car back and forth
  4. As I have said before - NEVER trust it when someone tells you 'just google it'
  5. Sorry - FTF = Face to Face. Basically a term we used on the forum for 'live' games as opposed to ones that were played on the site.
  6. It is - but can @Sawdust be anything else? But seeing this reminds me again - hey @Konas -- COLORING BOOK!
  7. To be honest - it's been decades since I've tried to GM anything. Last FTF game I GM'd would have been back with either 2nd Ed D&D or 3rd Ed Champions. Last game at all I tried to GM would have been an online forum game - systemless set in Firefly universe.
  8. Well that was definitely the implication. A nice custom pumpkin sculpt screen in spalty or padauk?
  9. And you're not - the minis are definitely a polarizing influence for people.. either they turn you off the game, or they tend to be part of what draws you into the game. The sad thing, in my opinion, is that, while brutal, the game play would actually stand on its own. Is it balanced? Hell no - that's the point. But could he have done the disturbing/disgusting monsters without the sexualized aspect - sure. And honestly it's not even the game play miniatures that are usually an issue (though there are a couple). Most of the real 'sexualized' figures are the "pin-up" work which is
  10. Been there, done that.. suck at it. Actually I love the idea of creating the world and characters. But then the players do something I entirely don't expect - and I'm like "WTF do I do now?!"
  11. Or maybe it would need to be the Bones or Skulls screen.. but you get the idea.
  12. Ok - so if DMG made a Valhalla Graveyard screen with this stain - do we get to call it the "Blue Screen of Death"?
  13. That's easy for me - that would be the original bubinga dice chest from the KS. First thing off the site/after that would be much harder. I'm almost positive it would have been a Dragon Sheath.. not sure which one though.
  14. You promote some of your apprentice Vikings to 'journeymen' - then you offer a service where you will send a Journeyman to a person's house (hence why they are now journey-men), where they will drill holes in the wall and embed more rare earth magnets so that the screen can just be stuck to the wall.
  15. I'm VERY good at deduction games. I'm pretty sure that shouldn't be possible.
  16. Agreed. Agreed. The later versions - like 2210 or Godstorm are much more balanced. They still have some issues, but not nearly as many as the original
  17. Game of the Year - hmm.. If I have to go full game - I'm thinking Wingspan even though I've only gotten to play it once. I definitely want to play it again! This probably also takes the "Biggest Surprise" and "Most regret not backing" awards from me too. Another option for GotY for me would be the Through the Ages expansion (New Leaders and Wonders). The 'box' form is not out yet, I really am enjoying the digital version.. and the physical version is due out this month. Game I've played most this year - That's easy - Gloomhaven.
  18. Understandable. Like I said - I just wanted to make sure you got to meet Conri and Kassandra if you were going.
  19. @Konas - just wondering. DMG had planned to go to PAXU last year, but cancelled last minute. I know you had said earlier that you were considering dropping the larger conventions. So I was wondering if DMG was going to try and be at PAXU this year? I won't be there, but I'd definitely suggest to my DLG friends to try to meet up with you if you were going.
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