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  1. An hour is nothing. Try getting rooms at Dragon*Con where the room blocks that are available sell out in about 5 minutes (or less). I'm happy to have one of the 'legacy' rooms so I can just renew it each year without having to deal with the rush. This seems to unfortunately be the norm now and days - I remember being able to get 'con rate' rooms at host hotels like a month before the con. Now it seems like every convention sells out in an hour or less. It's frustrating and definitely has impacted the number of conventions I attend.
  2. "And then Peter Pickle was fired!" We might need a new code
  3. The only ones who'd freak out are already freaking out.
  4. Those are not theories! Those are documented facts! @tgpumpkin has proof of them all! Sort of like BoRo honeycomb sentinels
  5. Are you calling us underdogs demon's @Anne? "And then Anne was fired!" (although @Konas would probably agree with you sometimes)
  6. Even if you knew the people were skilled, as I said so many legal issues with it.
  7. Never really thought it would - as I said too many liability / workspace issues with it. I wish that weren't the case, but I not only understand, I expected that @Konas. Still would have been fun
  8. Definitely would require some kind of waiver to avoid any liability. Not sure about any legal issues of potentially having an 'untrained' person on the shop floor. I would LOVE to do that though!
  9. Well beating a live one is too hard, because they run faster than I do The dead ones are the only ones I can catch.
  10. It's about our gaming tables for hitting 1000 pages, right?
  11. Ooh - I think I found new furnishings for @tgpumpkin's house. https://www.etsy.com/listing/626097843/spalted-tamarind-community-dining-table?ga_order=most_relevant&ga_search_type=all&ga_view_type=gallery&ga_search_query=waterfall+wood+table&ref=sr_gallery-1-1
  12. Hmm.. now I'm wondering what you said- considering it notified me that I was mentioned in this post.
  13. So thank you @Konas for the preview and the thought - but as discussed.. not quite what I'm looking for. Still I can't wait to see what you make out of them. They're going to be beauties.
  14. I thought it was based on the posting order of the original posts/etc... not on the order of the commenting on the duplicates.
  15. Seriously - depending on whether I take a board or not - I'd say you want this to definitely be something to show off those pieces - so no big sculpts. No dragon/rolling tray. I'd say probably AC, unsculpted screen or deck jacket to show off the wood best. Maybe XL LG or XL DS for smaller pieces.
  16. I agree that's some pretty boards there. Email coming soon.
  17. I knew you were small.. wasn't sure if it was JUST the two of you or not at that point. That was what - your second 'wood' kickstarter?
  18. Honestly - you were just a 'random find' on KS when I ordered the dice chest. Hadn't heard of you before that.
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