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  1. I have to say, if I do get into miniature painting I would definitely want to paint that Bloodborne set though. LOVE that game. It would be a dream if I develop competence in mini painting to paint it. In case you're wondering, I am waiting to move before taking my hands into mini painting. I bought that learn to paint Bones set but don't have a good area to do it. My wife even got me a cool lighted magnifying glass stand so I can take up the hobby.
  2. Yeah but cmon will produce. A couple of those campaigns were on the small end. Unlike other companies cmon I view as a big business at this point with the ability to manage multiple campaigns. As for me I’m a tad torn. If it was any other game I’d pass...but Bloodbourne was one of my most favorite games on the PS4. I’ll probably still pass...but if I painted miniatures I’d be doomed.
  3. Man you must have a serious collection of carving knives because you’re carving an awfully big hole in my heart here.
  4. Looks like we’re expecting several of the same games . I haven’t really backed anything on ks for myself this year but I’m jumping in on mars. Of course anachrony had to rear its head with their own. Sigh. I can only pick one though. Not made of money here.
  5. Yep...I went all caps on them in the comments when I saw that it was a coop.
  6. Naw. 1 spalty is enough for me. @Konas please tell me if you get an extra special spalt that you’re just dying to turn into a token shield
  7. not going to lie @Konas ...the token shield is tempting...but I think I'm going to hold off for the spalty version. .... I think... ..... ....
  8. that wolf rolling tray is bad ass. I have 2 though...I can't get a third. i just can't. it's awesome though.
  9. It really is phenomenal. It is a perfect match for AH for sure . Thanks again!
  10. @Konas the Moss Cthulu is stunning. Thank you so much. Absolutely phenomenal 3 sentinels. I think I'm good for now
  11. @Thomas Browne break out the wallet sir. OUR WINDOW OF OPPORTUNITY HAS COME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111
  12. Don't worry...you're still art teacher Mike in our household. Then again I never showed her the pic....
  13. I wonder how many times @Konas furrows his brow and shakes his head with you each day....
  14. I’ve been eyeing Lisboa deluxe edition. So much high praise for it.
  15. Morning all. Sorry I wasn’t around yesterday. Lots going on. Got to play more Wingspan this weekend! Really enjoy that game. Whole fam does actually. Close game but I squeezed out the victory. big kickstarters launch this week. Anachrony expansion is today (I think) and On Mars (a Lacerda game) is Thursday. Never played a Lacerda game before.
  16. I thought about getting that bad ass orange shield but i won't be able to defend getting 2 and I REALLY want a spalty tamarind shield like was posted earlier. Probably will be able to order/request/buy one in a couple of months or at least once we figure out if/when/where we're moving.
  17. The funky walking Cthulu adventure case kind of is growing on me. I remember seeing it and thinking it was kind of a fresh and funny case. Has kind of a unique and funky vibe. Only thing missing would be blue lights. You should play with yellow a bit more @Konas
  18. *grumbles* ..... BUT HE DESERVED IT!!!!!! ...... ...... ...... *clink*
  19. ...... ...... ...... You can post your "and then Scott was fired" anytime now.....
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