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  1. I'm flattered really. I view it that you needed a physical manifestation that brought both me and DMG together into a single piece of art. I understand. Who doesn't adore pumpkins They do make a very nice burnt orange. I don't know if you remember but I have a burnt orange castle rolling tray they made a few months back. Jumped on that sucker pretty quick.
  2. I think this is the start of a beautiful partnership @Thomas Browne
  3. It's both doom to dust and doom to henchmen looking to thwart a housekeeper's duty. DUSTY DOOM....THE NAME.....IT MAKES SO MUCH SENSE NOW
  4. Come on...I'm not abandoning Dusty Doom™ , DD is the next revolution of the household cleaning industry and is the zenith of usefulness. The proposed lute, is not. Besides, we all know the years they are spending in R&D will pay off when they finally unleash Dusty Doom to the world. As excited as we all are for that moment, I trust the braintrust of DMG to release it when it's truly ready. .... ..... Then again...wouldn't it be cool if the Dusty Doom™ was ALSO a weapon?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? Maybe the wooden handle would be discreet cover for a nunchuk configuration that c
  5. The Lute is life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We need to put together a marketing strategy @Thomas Browne to make people more aware of our cause to make the lute dream a reality. ITS SONG MUST BE HEARD!!!!!!!!!!
  6. oooohhhh a poll from dmg on the next weapon for them to make. Time to cast my vote.... LUTE OF USELESSNESS FOR THE WIN!!!!!
  7. Careful....you know how upset @Thomas Browne gets when you say such things sis 😛
  8. These are amazing. I envy all of you who have such skills in painting.
  9. thanks. Me too. The storms were crazy last night. Several moments of hydroplaning. crazy.
  10. Glad you’re safe @Zoxe. I spent Memorial Day driving back to Chicago from Ohio. Nothing is more fun than having your gps reroute you through scary parts of Chicago during terrible weather because the highways are in gridlock all while listening to the soundtrack of tornado sirens. i read this am western Ohio got hit pretty bad with tornadoes. Scary stuff.
  11. @Barb Bliss same with me. I've gotten 3-4 telling me they're backing. Maybe I should give it a second look but it didn't stand out to me originally.
  12. Whoa I’m not used to @Konas popping up here on the weekends. It scared me for a minute thinking today was still a weekday and I got confused and stayed home 😛
  13. *stares sternly at @Zoe * THE. LAW. IS. THE. LAW I didn't care when I celebrated your products when I dropped my bombs. I still paid the copper price. (to be specific...the 91% copper price...quarters have 9% nickel in them)
  14. AHEM.... *shakes swear jar at @Zoe * I don't care that you work for DMG...the law is the law.
  15. But I'm buying Gallerist. I can't also buy Lisboa. I've read that Gallerist is the most accessible and I'm thinking that it might be the way to introduce others to heavier games from Vital. To be clear I COULD buy Lisboa, however I think there would be consequences if I did so Maybe by the time they release the PM I'll be able to +1 it
  16. Looking back I kind of regret not getting Escape Plan. I am remedying that with getting On Mars and Gallerist. Desperately want to play Lisboa sometime.
  17. Definitely not looking forward to that when it happens. I'm getting some annoying "tell us where you'll definitely live for the next 4 months" emails. Like I can do that!?!?!?!
  18. I got "Welcome To" this week. Neta-Tanka deluxe edition is shipping. I'm supposed to get Lords of Hellas soon. Lots of Kickstarters are expected soon I'm backing On Mars and watching Bloodborne. I'm trying to be strong not getting Bloodborne...but I LOVED that game on the PS4.
  19. Kinda wish you didn’t remind me of this resolution so so far I’ve backed suburbia....on mars and considering bloodbourne. the expansions are where I’ve been weak... i backed vindication...root...feudum so I need to do better not backing expansions. Ps-Im not counting backing throw throw burrito because I got that for the kids
  20. Won’t happen. I confess though I love Rich Eisen who is a prominent grad of the chicken.
  21. I’m more of an NFL network gourd personally
  22. As a Browns fan...it’s a strange feeling to not be at our version of the Super Bowl this year. I’m not sure how to handle this experience. It’s very confusing.
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