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  1. I know I’m biased but I think you can play around more with your steampunk look. You always sell through it when you have that kind of stuff and you do it so rarely.
  2. Why do you hate me so? You know I can’t buy a screen....
  3. I actually have eyed this game and it’s on my list to want to play. I think it came out just a couple years ago. I’m glad it’s got you excited
  4. A haunted house sculpt is an amazing idea...especially for a screen.
  5. Spalted tamarind I think has risen to become my new favorite over time by watching several dmg products release with it. Bocote was the previous winner and is something I adore still...but I really like the chaotic and contrasting nature of spalty.
  6. Comes with a promo box of free minis if you back at the through the portal pledge level. 😈
  7. Thanks! It’s always possible fortunes change but I’m guessing eventually the passes will sell out. I’ll buy dice throne and dwellings... at end even Midara to ease the pain.
  8. Given our current life circumstances of hoping to get a job that’ll force us to move it’s highly unlikely I’ll be able to go this year sadly. I’m allowing myself to back a couple of kickstarters to help ease the pain. if we do go....it’ll be a one day pass.
  9. I can't stop looking at this. If something like this ever appeared on the site with a fierce looking pumpkin in the middle I'd lose my seeds.
  10. Love HEARING the French Horn...hated playing it. to be fair I just stunk at it. I remember when I had to learn how to thread that sucker. NOPE! I do think if I was in grade school all over again and had a crack at band I would have tried for the Trombone. I would have been too small for it given my size at the time, but that was the instrument I had the most fun with. My grade school didn't have strings, but if it did it'd be a toss up between Cello and Viola with maybe a slight edge to the Cello
  11. Very nice @WxCougar. I don't know if peeps know this but I was actually studying to be a music teacher in undergrad so they made us learn all the instruments. Trombone was my fave but I really enjoyed bassoon too. Oboe notsomuch. Oboe was the bane of my existence. *shudders*
  12. I totally get it. I do. I might jump on it in the PM still who knows.
  13. Such a great game. The only thing I was on the fence about was their trove box. Shelling out 75 bones for a storage solution just feels overpriced. I backed it...then I backed out of it. Maybe I'll back it again in the PM I don't know.
  14. I've been pretty good not buying NEW games. I've been buying expansions...but only games I backed this year that were new were Suburbia and On Mars (which I bundled with Gallerist). Getting 3 total new games from Kickstarter after almost half a year has passed I think has me matching pace with my goal of no more than 1 new game kickstarter a month. If I count expansions I'm failing though.
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