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  1. Thanksgiving: planes, trains, and automobiles christmas: Christmas story, national lampoons Christmas vacation, Scrooged, die hard, naturally all Charlie Brown specials reign supreme but I acknowledge they’re not movie length.
  2. Time to suit up in rememberence of my fallen brethren on this darkest of days
  3. You assume i don’t have Charterstone preordered through csi or something. Clearly since it features pumpkins it’s going to be a knockout hit. so many games I want to try and play. I wish I was in the forums earlier to be part of some of these discussions. Hate to break @Lindsey s heart here but I’ve never played dead of winter. Heard a lot of good things about it though. @Barb Bliss thanks for reminding me about bears vs babies. I missed that Kickstarter. Exploding kittens s gets some flack in the gaming community but i think it’s a great light game . I love games like Scythe
  4. @Serge Darveau I’m taking a break from kickstarting games. I have to give some tlc to the games I have before expanding.
  5. you have now effectively trolled me twice on kickstarter and now are trolling me here @Ian Coyle . what did I do to deserve such savagery?
  6. You are very wise @Zenithsplendor. Pumpkin is life....pumpkin is happiness
  7. Never played blood rage. Heard about it though.
  8. Now now, Dog Might knows where i stand with them. Fortunatelyi had no role in the design of this shirt lest things get tense.
  9. I ran into this t shirt on Amazon this weekend. Hope this doesn’t make things awkward between us
  10. Hard question for me since there are a lot of things i want . I’ll tentatively say their cocos but Their rolling trays are amazing looking and wish i knew how to use their adventure case as I’m eyeing those too.
  11. @Zoe couldn't agree more. @Zenithsplendorrocked it out . Gourd job Zenith!!!
  12. I’m quite certain I have that same exact flannel the dog holding the chainsaw is wearing....
  13. @Serge Darveau that rug really brings the room....and board game....together
  14. Gourd to meet you @Zoe. I’m sure you’ll do a great job. Friendly note...be mindful of the policies in this forum against speaking ill of pumpkins or encouraging savage behavior such as pumpkin carving, baking seeds, turning pumpkins into confections such as pies, breads and puddings, and anything pumpkin spice related. If you get the urge to discuss these matters...use this visible cue to remind you how things would feel if the shoe were on the other foot.....
  15. Top preorders (games) I’m waiting for...I could flip them around.... 1. Epoch 2. Too many bones undertow 3. Gloomhaven 4. 7th continent 5. Brass 6. Charterstone
  16. My unbiased opinion but he pumpkins really tie the entire package together if I do say so myself
  17. Sorry I’m playing catch up to all these posts but @RomyCat this looks fantastic. Nicely done. I too have tbt gloomhaven organizer sitting nicely in a box. I should begin assembling it. I wish I had the artistic prowess to paint miniatures. Kudos on going all out
  18. Gourd answer. You’re on the track for greatness and success in life.
  19. @Zenithsplendor awesome pics! You got a creative pumpkin box there! I love how the coloring of the wood changes half of his face.
  20. @Lindsey if you like rolling dice and rpgs it’s really a great game! It’s a coop adventure. The components are amazing. They have a fleshed out world and it has a strong theme. While there is dice chucking which creates elements of luck you can mitigate those rolls with changes in strategy. Misses on dice actually build up on your character and can be used as a powerful ability later in a match or game. The game plays over several days (game days) and with all the encounter cards you get the adventure constantly changes game to game with choices each day that impacts your loadout. The g
  21. My first post on this forum and I figured I'd show Too Many Bones with a beautiful Dice Box from DMG . I have more to come!
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