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  1. I’m so used to us being in the other thread that when I clicked I was confused. Thanks for reviving it *coughjerkcough*
  2. That’s odd....I didn’t think I was in the “spend tgs money” thread.....
  3. Clearly DMG falls outside the natural laws of my wallet. Isn’t that what being an Underdog is all about?
  4. The last game I'm letting myself get for the year is Tapestry. The only reason I'm doing that is because I have a soft spot for Stonemaier games. Loved Scythe. Loved Wingspan. Of course saying this and doing it are 2 different things
  5. No matter how hard you try @Barb Bliss I won't let you spend my money. I wont....
  6. resurrecting that abomination wasn't necessary... ...nor was linking me to relive it you savage.
  7. Now I want you to play a match of Tennis with @Konas..... This dream must become a reality
  8. I hope you get to teach me (Lisboa)
  9. Thanks for the write up. Can’t wait to get mine. I got this game because of your enthusiasm Welcome to the club! Great game
  10. Solid video game. A modern classic. Again I have hang ups with licensed board games. Games rethemed I am okay with....but playing a board game version of another product usually freezes me out.
  11. SOOOOO HAPPY YOU ARE REPOSTING THIS SO I CAN SEE IT AGAIN *grumbles* .....Ohhhhh shut up *mumbles* *clink*
  12. Currently on my shelf of shame. Need to remedy that once I get a gaming group
  13. I'm certain at this point @Konas takes personal pleasure in my torture. I'm both excited and scared come Halloween time....
  14. that stinks. I hope it delivers by then at least. That's right before Chinese New Year and I know Panda basically closes down shop.
  15. We just got an update on snowdonia. Should be soon. im surprised legends of sleepy hollow hasn’t delivered yet. It feels like it’s been quite a while. Seize the Bean is the one currently taking the longest.
  16. So it's been a while since I updated my Kickstarter waitlist. So here are my FULL projects I'm waiting on receiving: * Seize the Bean * Trickerion Collectors Edition * Cthulu Death May Die * Snowdonia Deluxe * Everdell w/ Pearlbrook expansion (anyday now) * Cloudspire w/ expansion * Suburbia Collectors edition * On Mars w/ Gallerist add on * Dwellings of Eldervale * Dice Throne * VAST Mysterious Manor Not kickstarted but preordered: Abomination EXPANSIONS ONLY * Root expansion * Vindication * Feudu
  17. Have you thought about making your own board game pieces for it as a deluxe add on? How bad ass would it be that an add on would be pieces made by dmg themselves.
  18. @Konas I know “expensive” is in the eye of the beholder. The idea of value and what comes in a game I think plays a significant role in determining if a game is expensive for what it offers. the other thing to keep in mind is that I think a NON gamer has a lower price point threshold than a gamer largely due to mass produced games. Fortunately because gaming is becoming more popular that’s changing but it still exists. those points in mind...if looking exclusively at price point I think this range applies to me. 10-20 budget friendly value game 20-35 in expensive
  19. Make no mistake @Barb Bliss there is a need and place for pricier games as you mentioned. As someone who likes nicer looking games I agree with you. I have seen in some kickstarters where I felt like it was inflated a bit too. All that being said...I do think some attention is needed towards lower price point games. Not everything can or should be cmon/awaken realms price points. Both ends of the spectrum should be weighed to include the most gamers.
  20. Oh I know. All the game ks are expensive these days. I don’t think anything is out of he ordinary with sleeping gods but i still remember feeling like buying gloomhaven for 100 was a lot for s game and now it feels like everyone makes expensive games. This is coming from someone who has multiple cmon games in his home
  21. While it looks solid I have to chill on kickstarters for a while. Maybe if a game comes in at sub 50 I’ll bite. Everything feels like it’s 80-100 these days
  22. I will admit that awaken realms has some incredible minis
  23. This is no laughing matter....they maim pumpkins and are proud of it. PROUD OF IT! The savages! I will not rest until the senseless slaughter of my gourd denizens has ceased. THEIR VOICES MUST BE HEARD!!!!!!111111
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