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  1. you don't know that @Barb Bliss... .... YOU DONT KNOW THAT!!!!!!!!11111
  2. I forgot which chat we were in so I cannot speak of top secret matters in such a public arena
  3. I think I read that too. He could be like that 80s/90's movie Uncle Buck that starred John Candy and make oversized pancakes for them and such. Yeah that dates me but I don't care.
  4. What I just heard is that @Konas wants to watch my kids some night. They can call you Uncle Konas.....
  5. *pulls out notepad and furiously begins writing a narrative*
  6. I know it's not GMing, but one of the things the kids love that I do in Arkham Horror (card game) is when I read the flavor text I usually do it in a narrated acting voice. It annoys the hell out of my wife. My kids love it for the narration and because it annoys the hell out of their mom. It's great
  7. you forgot the add on "so he will finally buy one of those screens he keeps whining he wants"
  8. Hmm...Too Many Bones is a great strategic dice drafting RPG game you might like. The game oozes with theme and tells a story for sure. Pandemic I can also recommend. Both of these games are co-op games. You might have fun with Charterstone, a competitive legacy game that you can play afterwards. Both @RomyCat and myself enjoyed that. I played that one with the fam with great success.
  9. sorry I just saw this. I'm always going to recommend Scythe (as I'm sure @Konas will as well). If you ever play Scythe against @Konas, your best career move will be to play as Polania. Definitely has a good amount of strategy to it. Have you played co-ops with your boyfriend?
  10. @Anne It's hard to know without knowing where you are at in the boardgaming experience spectrum. Knowing themes you like and general interests would help . I could list several gateway games to start/try if you're more into lighter gaming fare or are relatively new to the hobby. So....let's start with what kinds of games do you currently like?
  11. Through all the sass know that you're always by redhearted sister @Barb Bliss...never forget that.
  12. Those pics sure scream “family friendly”
  13. Homestead runner is a classic from my college days. I appreciate their sense of humor.
  14. I want to try escape plan as well. Looks like his most accessible game. I have on mars coming soon as my first vital game along with Gallerist.
  15. Lol that’s kind of a creepy looking ad if I’m to be honest
  16. See title. Game of the year (that came out this year) now that we’re about done. mines been Wingspan. It’s hit the table the most and has had the highest votes to play it again. It’s fresh...tight....and the components are fantastic. what’s the game you played the most this year? Arkham Horror card game... as recommended by @Konas. Easily has hit the table the most and has gotten the family involved. My daughter likes to play mood music from her phone each time we play it. game that surprised you the most? Wasteland express Delivery Service. What a great
  17. Even prouder that I put a dollar in that Kickstarter giving me a shot at it if I want to get some minis to start painting
  18. THIS THREAD SHOULDNT BE IN EXISTENCE IN THE FIRST PLACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  19. Oh my gourd....you brought this thread back from the dead? BASTARDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This villainy won't be forgotten you lot of savages. SHAME ON ALL OF YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  20. I’m actually really digging this one. If I didn’t already have 3 sentinels I might have gotten it.
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