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  1. Welcome to Dog Might’s short series of articles on Wooden Dice. We are extremely pumped to bring these to the gaming world! So, our the first topic: How do these dice feel in your hand compared to plastic polys. How to Measure the Weight of a Die At Dog Might we play a lot of games, which means we roll a lot of dice. We understand that there’s something special about having a favorite pair of dice in hand. When you shake them in your hand, you’re experiencing a sensation that has been shared across time and cultures from all over the globe. All that history and potential
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  2. We are Viking Lumberjacks, not scientists. But, our Head of Ops, Zoe once was. We asked her to test our Wooden Dice using that strange, wonderful, unknowable thing they call science. So, onto her results. To test the balance of our dice, we took a Chacate Preto D20 (similar weight to your typical plastic D20) and rolled it 1000 times. We also rolled a D20 made by one of the most popular plastic dice brands on the market 1000 times. You can see the roll results below in bar graph format. You may be tempted to draw some conclusions from this graph, but let's get into the nitty gritty
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