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  2. Thanks everyone and these pics are so amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. You have the two special actions on the bottom that are always available to you. These can be found on near the bottom of the player board and can not have wounds or keys placed on them. These are called Recover and Rearrange. The Recover action lets you discard 5 action tokens to clear your board of all wounds so you can always jump back into the game. Hope that answers your question!
  4. Awesome pictures. Got my game in a few weeks ago and was blown away with the size of the mat. And playing with the real components instead of printouts was a great experience. Great job, Lindsey, with the components, art, and gaming play. I will be playing this for many years 😀
  5. An issue is that we came up with is the character card was filled with wounds so was no action that could be selected including recover. So is the character now out of the game
  6. hello guys , greetz from indonesia https://cherokeemuseum.org/
  7. Looks awesome! Excited for mine to come.
  8. This is the first chance I've had to post this but, yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! I received my copy of Labyrinthos last week. I was out of town for work so I wasn't able to open it until last Saturday. It's been opened, played, and I love it so much! I sprung for the playmat for the game and it was well worth it. Great job on this game, Lindsey and Dog Might! It's very beautiful. The components are good quality and it's super fun to play. Will you be printing more for the general public to purchase? I have folks asking me about it.
  9. This is Beautiful. Are you all still making this product?
  10. It would have been more appropriate for @tgpumpkin to post this.. but I figured it was time for the truth to be known.
  11. Forest guardian kickstarter came in the other day finally got to try it. I messed up the rules but it seems like a decent easy quick game. I managed a win 28-22. We just played the basic rules not the advanced and not with the expansion. Took about 50 minutes including setup and reading the rules.
  12. Cat Knights by Blood Carrot Knights, via @Kickstarter https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2126421571/cat-knights-by-blood-carrot-knights?ref=android_project_share
  13. Dog Might Games is now on discord! To join click on this link: https://discord.gg/Q3BShNauHq Any underdogs will get their role updated to reflect their special status!
  14. If you get a Brontausaurus the first season, it gives you lots of points, so the opponents sould try aquatic dinosaurs, they give also nice victory points, also some new building.
  15. That game was tuned to let a person in front run away with the game. I hope it fixed that.
  16. It's adding more possibilities in the game play, more dinosaurs, making so different park every game. Adding more manipulation and breaking news cards, you won't see the same card too often in different game.
  17. That is awesome. Love the dice thrones. Neat dice. Been eyeing aluminum dice but haven't bought any yet.
  18. I haven't cracked my expansion open yet. How is it? I've gotten several games since the pandemic hit (from KS) that haven't gotten any attention. I also got Fuji Koro, the expansion to Gugong, the expansion to Planetarium, and Tidal Blades. I'm glad I decided to save some money and do wave 2 shipping for Etherfields, though it's killing me to know Jaemus has his, but I don't have mine.
  19. Nice. Maybe you need some stocks for when they aren't rolling well for you.
  20. I finally got my dmg weapons (sans wands) hung on the wall.
  21. Learning Dinogenics with Chaos and Coco
  22. I'm going through New Game Plus on Miles Morales on PS4/PS5. One of the suits you can unlock after you finish the game is the one where you have a cat with you in your backpack. I'm 15% of the way though the game and I've taken over 60 screenshots already. Patiently waiting for Cyberpunk 2077.
  23. I like big dice. I have large hands, so large dice suit me. These are 45mm aluminium d20s from Level Up Dice. I 3D printed a couple dice thrones to reward them when they roll well.
  24. Hah, I hear you. Shipping costs really suck. We MAY do a free international shipping sale later this month but haven't decided yet. Meeples and Dragons was thinking about putting in another order as well....keep your fingers crossed.
  25. I ordered on Friday. It arrived Monday. I'm surprised it was delivered so quickly. Both products were securely wrapped in bubble wrap, in a box full of foam. I ordered other stuff too and it was all in perfect condition. They cared. Even had this note when I opened it about the protective plastic on the token shield lid. If there are other places to get Dogmight products in Australia, I'd love to know. One of my favourite hobbies is putting everything I want into my online shopping cart, then crying when I see the shipping cost.
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