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New Playtest Available!


Dog Might Games is excited to announce an new playtest opportunity! 

Sign of Evil is a new micro hidden role game that can play 2-20 players in 15 minutes! That's right 2-20!!!! 

The game also has a minimal footprint and can be played anywhere! Campfires, Cars, Long Lines, Cons, and even Viking Longships! 

Be warned though Sign of Evil will turn your friends into monsters and you may even fall to the Darkness yourself! 



Anyone who is already one of our playtesters will automatically have access and can jump right in! If you aren't a playtester and you would like to join the team just email lindsey@dogmight.com for more info. If you are one of our playtesters already please reply below that you are jumping in just so I can get a feel of how many testers we will have. 

Playtesters who submit game reports will get special discounts on awesome Dog Might Gear and submitting enough reports can even get you a free copy of the finished game! Plus all testers that submit at least one report will get credit in the rulebook :D 

If you are thinking about joining the playtest team please look here first for our rules 

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