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Illness comes and everything changes. My supervisor won't be on duty anymore.  

PnP 32 and PnP 33   Another deck's done; the shop. It will be cool to have picture on the weapon's card. Remain: Forest: 3/7 and Mountain 0/7 (33/44)   Thinking about the col

Very sorry about your lost. I have enjoyed seeing pictures of Pacha supervising your games. As a slave to cats myself, I know how it feels to be constantly watched and commanded by felines.  And I"ve

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8 hours ago, Zenithsplendor said:

Snowflakes in the background....you are going to put me in a Christmas mood in May.

We had some snow last saturday and still a lot in the wood, but it's melting fast.  :):) 28°F this morning and will have 60°F on afternoon . :)

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Welcome the land of the dragons :) 

The group enters the remnants of an ancient tavern, looking for food and water and mead. While Puzz and Humphrey search the ruined kitchen, Sawdust is attacked by 2 Shadow Demons. They rush to aide their canine companion and find him unconscious on the floor, 2 shadowy figures floating above him. Puzz use magic again to wake up Sawdust and transform him in a ferious lion. :) 


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On ‎3‎/‎1‎/‎2018 at 1:12 AM, Serge Darveau said:

Not enough metal coins for the game, so I just backed 


And this will make like money from different country. :) 

We have a prototype coin box we made a year ago. Worked very well. Any interest in these? I can take a pic...if I can find the damn thing.

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14 minutes ago, Serge Darveau said:

Mine is looking like this for the moment lol.



That's a lot of coins. More than we could fit in ours. Nice collection. Serge, it always amazes me that no matter what pic you take, Carcosonne can always be seen in the background!

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3 minutes ago, Konas said:

That's a lot of coins. More than we could fit in ours. Nice collection. Serge, it always amazes me that no matter what pic you take, Carcosonne can always be seen in the background!

I'm waiting about 32 pieces  to add fot the game, I have some dragon pieces (16) and japanese pieces (78) not show here.

Sorry it's not Carcassonne tiles (square) but tiles for my game (hex).

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7 hours ago, Serge Darveau said:

A 5th counter in progress, I will need 2 more to complete the set.


And after, I will store this mat  :):):):)  

I love snow and miss having it where I live now so I am very jealous of your snow. I  look forward to seeing the background mat again when winter rolls back around.

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Playtest 6 with 6 players.


After 10 turns with easier rules for the end turn pick-up tile. 3/3 for the donkey/horse/catapult and 2/3 for the bronze/silver/gold money. 

What's changing, chance to buy weapons early and shorter the game by about 10 turns, but still a long game to play, may be one hour per player.


Turn 20: Dragons still control the land (only one defeated), some horses and catapult begin to be in action.


Turn 30: Dragons don't make the law anymore with stronger warriors. Time destroy the castle of the Evil King.


Turn 44: Only remain the demon with 120 HP, D120 for attack, heal 20 HP after each rolling of dice, need to be strong in weapons and magic spells.


This is the end.


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Most of the tests are made in simulated game, alone. Just one three players real test a few weeks ago. Comment: even it's a long game, it's keeping everybody in play  'cause everyone has a chance to win. Dice hazard, but stronger warrior has more chances of course. We don't want the dragons close in the beginning, when we reach level 3, could be really good to defeat one, 60 xp and 120 dragocoins, but if we lose, dragon steal all your money rather than the half of the regular death.

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