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Illness comes and everything changes. My supervisor won't be on duty anymore.  

PnP 32 and PnP 33   Another deck's done; the shop. It will be cool to have picture on the weapon's card. Remain: Forest: 3/7 and Mountain 0/7 (33/44)   Thinking about the col

Very sorry about your lost. I have enjoyed seeing pictures of Pacha supervising your games. As a slave to cats myself, I know how it feels to be constantly watched and commanded by felines.  And I"ve

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Setup of the game for 3 players.


Turn 10: Black was lucky with stronger monsters, more money for the weapons.


Turn 20: Dragons are everywhere and some magical gem stones have been found.


Turn 30: Yellow player is late for his level, but have a strong companion, level +12, companion +18, weapon +3 = +33 (Black +38/ Red +30) 


Turn 40: Two dragons (now D60, before D48) are defeated. 3_40.jpg.37e8286f8d8a79a0e783d301216d737c.jpg

Turn 50: The Evil King was dead (D100) but he has changed in Evil Demon (D150). 3_50.jpg.6704d423d638d10caa5ec68069e922ce.jpg

Turn 52: End of the game, Black is winner. :) 


The new magical using works well, the next test with the wizard's dices :) 

Too much money, so I've to make more stronger weapons (with higher cost) and that could be reduce a little bit.

In that kind of game, each player has a chance to win till the end. :) 

Minor change, with the magical dice hat that give you invisibility, the powder card before a sleep powder for one turn.


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Looking at my mammoth dices, my CoCo XL Rolling Trays with a depth of 0.75" won't be usefull for them.

D48: 1.25"

D60, D100: 1.5"

D120: 2"

So new order, the Rolling Trays with a depth of 1.25" will be awesome, and one side for my compass dice, the other for the battle. :) 



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