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Illness comes and everything changes. My supervisor won't be on duty anymore.  

PnP 32 and PnP 33   Another deck's done; the shop. It will be cool to have picture on the weapon's card. Remain: Forest: 3/7 and Mountain 0/7 (33/44)   Thinking about the col

Very sorry about your lost. I have enjoyed seeing pictures of Pacha supervising your games. As a slave to cats myself, I know how it feels to be constantly watched and commanded by felines.  And I"ve

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1 minute ago, RomyCat said:

That one shot of a lone warrior against three dragons--priceless..

I've stop the playtest, but he was too weak for just one, and with the cheaper price weapons, everything is different, in fact just. it for the lenght of the game, the original NES Dragon Warrior takes a lot of hours to finish it. :) 

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Turn 50, time to get those wizards out, a D60 attack :) 


First attack, a critical one, (27-4-3) x 2 for a lost of 40 HP on the warrior, the second attack, the companion took the damage, and get the win. Reward: 60 dargocoins, and a missing magic gem, and the possibily to return to our castle to restore the HP.


Need 6 different magic gem to fight the Evil King, if not, you have to find them or fitght wizards or ghosts.

PnP 11 and PnP 12


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Game night, 3 players, about 4 hours.


On 4/12/2017 at 7:58 PM, Serge Darveau said:

Player's dices

D6 for level player and D12 to move

At the beginning, you play with one D6 and one D12


First you roll the D12 for the tile you can move

1 and up: Castle, city and village

2  and up: lawn

4 and up: savanna

6 and up: wood

8 and up: mountain

10 and up: lake and wiward's castle

If you don't move, you get half the life point going up.5a25ed01df122_playerdice.jpg.7915b99df850c3cf24bdfff9d64c6a10.jpg

The D6 are used to fight the monsters. Play one dice for level one and 3 for level 3.

(just need one black dice, should get it very soon)

Mechanic of the game works well but to get easier move, I've to change it.

First you roll the D12 for the tile you can move (don't to roll the first turn, go to the lawn)

1 and up: Castle, city and village

2  and up: lawn

3 and up: savanna

5 and up: wood

7 and up: mountain

9 and up: lake 

10 and up: dragon's nest and Evil King place.



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11 hours ago, RomyCat said:

I'm wondering when it will come to Kickstarter. I know it needs more playtesting. A year or two maybe?

Good question, may be one day, but it will be expensive like this. I will be close 300$ for the prototype, could be half cost with mass production. 

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