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Illness comes and everything changes. My supervisor won't be on duty anymore.  

PnP 32 and PnP 33   Another deck's done; the shop. It will be cool to have picture on the weapon's card. Remain: Forest: 3/7 and Mountain 0/7 (33/44)   Thinking about the col

Very sorry about your lost. I have enjoyed seeing pictures of Pacha supervising your games. As a slave to cats myself, I know how it feels to be constantly watched and commanded by felines.  And I"ve

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Playtesting cards are ready to use, so I've tried some fighting the life points of the warrior's first level, looks like 20 works well for the D4-D8 range monsters. Walking on lawn tile for small monster to reach the closer city/village to buy some weapons, but on the road, you could pass a turn to get half the life points restored.

Probably get the tiles and the minis this week. :) 


Without weapons at the first level, the wood monster could be a deadly time... 

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Testing the first mechanic of the game.

Level 1: 20 HP, one D6 and no money.

Roll the D12 movement dice. 1 for city/village/castle or rest for 10 HP. 2 and up for lawn, only this tile at level 1 (D4-D8 monsters).

Pick a lawn card, showing a D8 monster, so you use  one D6 and one D8 monster dice, plus two fate dice for the hit.

A D8 monster have 8 HP, attack with a D8 and give 8 dragocoins with 8 XP.

Reduce the monster at 1 HP the first, you could make it companion. (mechanic to be discuss later)

Low HP, you could pass a turn to restless for 10 HP, or if you don't to figth like no monster, finding something, you get another 5 HP. (no more than the max of the level)

Each turn is fast, roll the D12, pick up a card, choose the monster dice and fight.

About 15-20 turns, 76 XP, 76 dragocoins.

Exchange 50 XP for level 2 with adding another D6, 10 HP for 30 and for  level 3 XP, I will need the tiles for it.

Time to make a price of the cheaper weapons.

First try with 50 for the bamboo, 60 for the clothes, 80 for the helmet and 100 for the shield.


Next testing level 2. :) 

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In fact level 3 now:

Exchange 200 XP for the third dice and 40 HP.  Will be another 400 XP for the next one (266 XP done)

Time to buy weapons, at the city more choice, 10 each time (village 5)

Pick up the 180 helmet and receive 40 for my old one. Also changed the bamboo for a dagger 100 and received 25. Short by 2 dragocoins for the 100 shield.

Giving price of the weapons as long the game progress.

Also catch a nice D24 companion with a first hit of 23. Now using 3xD6 and 1xD24.


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