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Gaming or otherwise!

Here's mine, gaming first:

1. No sprawling kickstarter games.  Same as last year.

2. Finish KDM Wave 2 monsters and armor sets (assembly and paint).

3. Finish the Dropfleet 2-Up Beijing in time for Reapercon.

Bonus, personal:

4. Reduce my work stress.  Complicated topic, but I'll just leave it there. 

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  1. No new KS games, period.
  2. No new FLGS games, period.
  3. Get at least 4 games off my shelf of shame
  4. Assuming it arrives as scheduled, paint the gingerbread gang, and run another Christmas one shot. 
  5. Paint another game's minis.  Leaning towards Vindication, but Who Goes There is in the running.
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1. Try out new board games, especially single player ones

2. Be a little less... ridiculous about buying dice. 😅

3. Organize the HECK out of our stock room. 

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