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Selling some DM Gear/Cocos

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Hello All!  I am getting out of gaming and I am selling off some of my Dog Might Gear.  There are some very nice items including component collectors that you can't obtain right now without purchasing on the second hand market because the company is still working on fulfilling orders from the KS campaign.  I have used all of the items maybe 5 times each, so they are in great shape.  The component collectors are a VERY handy, modular style game tray system that uses magnets to positing tiles in a layout that you want when you game.  They are super cool, fun to use, and help with storage.  You can use them as a bank set up for games or pass individual tiles around to players so they can create their own tile storage arrangement using the magnetic system.  For more info. on these, check out the KS to see what they are like. 

The items are priced at great values.  The component collectors are prices VERY SLIGHTLY higher than what I paid.  However, the price on component collectors at retail has risen due the intensive labor involved in creating them and rising wood costs.  For instance a standard 8 tile Chechen set now retails for $198.  I am selling an XL 12 tile set for only $170 shipped.  Its expensive, but quite a value considering the retail price rise and lack of availability at the time.  


1.  Shipping is FREE to the CONUS ....I will not ship overseas.  Tracking Provided and everything well bubble wrapped.

2. These are pieces of art in my opinion.  Please don't nitpick at something because you don't like the way it looks FOR ANY REASON once you see it in person.  There are NO returns or refunds under any circumstance.  I have sold over 13000 worth of games on BGG and have 100% positive feedback to back up my reputation. I have taken very good care of them and they are in great shape.  I would never sell something that is broken or damaged.   That said, if it breaks in half later because you accidentally drop it or a magnet pops out, you will have to fix it yourself.

3. Paypal payment only.

4. PLEASE POST HERE IF YOU ARE INTERESTED with contact information.  

Cocos Link for more views of the Component Collectors (some pictures below): http://dogmight.forumflash.com/topic/51-pictures-of-dmg-products-at-home/page/47/?tab=comments#comment-8977

CANARYWOOD HAS SOLD  Canarywood XL Coco- $165 Layout pictured on the link...4 bowls, 2 meeple sculpts, 2 squares, quad, double, dual, poker (holding tray and strap not pictured in this photo but included in the sale)


Leopardwood XL Coco- $140 (updated price on 11-27-19) 4 bowls, 2 dragon sculpts, 2 squares, quad, double, dual, poker (holding tray and strap not pictured in this photo but included in the sale)


Chechen XL Coco- $150 (updated price on 11-27-19) 4 bowls, 2 tree sculpts, 2 squares, quad, double, dual, poker (holding tray and strap not pictured in this photo but included in the sale)




Bubinga Squid and Celtic Knot Sheath $40 (updated price on 11-27-19) - Holds dice and a pen. See link below for pictures 

Sheaths Link: http://dogmight.forumflash.com/topic/380-dmg-swap-meet/?tab=comments#comment-22244

Rolling Tray:

Castle Rolling Tray- $50 (updated price on 11-27-19)  (picture posted) White Ash with red oak finish.  On the back is engraved from Lord of the Rings: 

All that is gold does not glitter,
Not all those who wander are lost;
The old that is strong does not wither,
Deep roots are not reached by the frost.

From the ashes a fire shall be woken,
A light from the shadows shall spring;
Renewed shall be blade that was broken,
The crownless again shall be king.



 Set of 5 card stands $50 for the set of 5 Canarywood, Leopardwood, Chechen, Bolivian Rosewood with a tiny bit of sapwood, and Wenge.  









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That's a good price @yatescory for the card stands.  There is a set of 4 exotics on the stock page now for $69.  Those are lovely cocos too.  Unfortunately we think alike and I have similar sets.

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