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Skirmish Boxe for Zox

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Oh, I got that backwards, it should be the Skirmish Box for Zoxe.  Whoa, this Saturday Morning Coffee has some kick.  Anyway...

I'm thinking about getting a Skirmish Box for my planned Freeblades army.  I'm a little torn because I love the Sentinel, and ultimately I want a place to stash the accessories and not necessarily the minis.  Thought I may need to consider the Sentinel instead given the size of some of the Freeblades AOE templates (and then shove the minis in a small foam pack or something).

There have been some truly inspired Valhalla Screens up recently, and I'm looking for some inspiration.

Here's what I'm sourcing for inspriation:



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We have cut the Sentinel deeper for minis, as a replacement for the Skirmish Box.  We don't sell many of the SBs and the crew hates making them...lots of glue ups.  I have 2 prototypes now. That may interest you, just let me know.

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