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Miniature Painting

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14 hours ago, Zoxe said:


Some WIP shots of my next project -- Shadows of Brimstone Depth Tracker.  This is a resin piece that replaces the cardboard template included in the game.  I've had it for quite awhile, and we've used it unpainted, but it's time to get on with finishing it.

Bare primer.  The reading glasses behind it should help give scale.  It's pretty darn big!



I hit the wooden frame in AP Dark Stone first and pretty much coated the entire piece.  I came back with some medium brown (I think AP calls this 'fur brown') to lighten the areas that will be parchment.  For speed, I decided to airbrush this too, meaning I had to mask off the wood.  Inefficient, but still faster overall.



Here, the parchment areas have been airbrushed with Skeleton Bone and the masking tape has been removed.  I went back over the oversprayed wood areas with Dark Stone and made the Depth Track "sign" a consistent lighter brown.  I'm dreading doing all of the lettering.  :)


Oooh!!! I am so excited to see how this turns out.

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