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5 hours ago, Zoxe said:

I like him too!  Though I'm a sucker for metallic robots and machinery in general.  I think the silver turned out well, the brassy yellow is a great color choice, and the shading makes for a great weathering effect. 



There's actually both brass and bronze.  Oily Steel and silver too.  Not much else other than the eyes.  I figured if I did to much he'd end up looking like later in life Elvis.

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Banker's Holiday here in the US today.  I couldn't sleep, so I was at the bench at 6:45 this morning with my favorite mug full of coffee and a brush in hand.  At long last, the KDM Watcher is completed!  He's been on the table quite awhile; had trouble mustering sufficient willpower to finish him out.  

I'll be taking a break from the KDM series until kickstarter wave 2 is in hand (sometime in March or April).  I've been doing KDM since early November and am looking forward to something a little different.  

The Watcher is one of my favorite sculpts in the set, but turned into one of my least favorite to assemble and paint.  The dangley lanterns underneath were a challenge (and bobbed around when airbrushed), and all the smooth surfaces really didn't lend itself to my dry brushing technique, but I kept going.

I consider myself pretty new to the hobby - there's a lot of techniques thrown into this last model that I learned while tackling KDM:  Airbrushing, of course.  Filling (Milliput and Vallejo Matt Varnish).  Pinning.  This morning I tried 2-brush weathering on his cloak to give the dark recesses more definition.  



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