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On ‎3‎/‎21‎/‎2018 at 4:44 PM, LuckyIke said:

One of my friends recently returned from living in Pakistan.  While there she commissioned an amazing set of furniture.  The woodworker had carved antique Rosewood beam originally from a castle in Multan.  She had him build a dining table, coffee table, and two end tables using the beam, along with other pieces of antique Rosewood for the table tops. The things look ridiculously cool.  She didn’t know beyond “Rosewood” what the specific wood species was, but man does it look great.

Coffee table:


Side of coffee table:504C6668-36FD-4452-B7E4-7EE88FA50D76.thumb.jpeg.6fd9a30ead46bfc74e6966bb178511ad.jpeg


Top of dining table:



Legs of dining table, old beam:


Underside of dining table, this is the center portion of the beam, and is carved on three sides:


End table:


So yeah, I’m jealous.

That is amazing. I can't tell what type of wood it is. It almost looks like Chechen, which is called Carribean Rosewood. But there are an enormous amount of rosewoods.

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