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Dog Might News March 29

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It's a beautiful rainy Thursday and even though Sawdust is spending it snoozing away the rest of Dog Might is hard at work. 


The Raid the Castle event was a huge success and over 13 hours of D&D marathon sessions were held over the weekend. Here you can see the table start to buckle under the weight of beers, candy, and Dog Might gear. Hopefully this event will continue to grow as Dog Might continues to invade the gaming world. Thanks to everyone who helped make this weekend one of the most fun events we've ever had! 



More dice are in the works for Friday's Dice Drop and these are proving to be the most jaw dropping ones yet. In particular the Cocobolo and the Red Heart sets will be extremely hard to part with. We've also been shipping CoCos and Hero Sleeves like crazy this week so hopefully many excited Barkers saw a surprise shipping notification in their inbox.



The Dog Might office library continues to grow with these new additions. We are super excited to get some of these on the table tomorrow after our Friday Meeting. This was a surprise donation to the shop so thank you mysterious benefactor and we will spill many beers on them in your honor.  


That's all for this week! 


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Sawdust looks so comfy! It looks like you guys had lots of fun. That’s a lot of shiny dice. Oh man. Im guessing that’s about enough sawdust generation between coco and hero’s that you could bury sawdust and half your crew. Awwww, mysterious benefactor is awesome!

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