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Dog Might News March 21

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As we Vikings continue to learn, evolve, and grow stronger we will be bringing you all sorts of cool new stuff. This is why, starting this week, there will be  weekly news reports of all the craziness happening here at Dog Might HQ! 

Lets jump right in with something that everyone's looking forward to...Friday's Dice Drop. 


We've got some amazing new sets coming your way and a few other surprises so make sure to check in  this Friday at 1:00 p.m. EST to grab legendary dice before their gone! You can see currently available wooden dice here http://dogmight.com/woodendice


The first Raid the Castle event is this weekend at the amazing Ravenwood Castle. Ravenwood is a board game resort that resides in a real life castle with plenty of thematic villages that dot the mountain. With specially themed game rooms, a dungeon bar, and massive game library it's a Valhalla for board game fanatics everywhere. Some lucky Dog Might fans (and some very lucky Lumberjack Vikings) will be spending this weekend here gaming, drinking, and eating for 3 straight days. Special Edition Dog Might Products will be handed out to guests and a very special custom designed D&D adventure will be DM'd by the legendary Mike Konas himself. We hope to make this a Dog Might yearly tradition so make sure to comment if you'd like to participate in future raids.


Just like a tank topped action hero driving a rocket scooter Countdown Action Edition continues to move towards production at a fantastic speed. This is primarily due to all the amazing editors and volunteers who helped us get the editing done crazy fast. A big thanks to everyone who is helping to move this project ahead of schedule. As a thank you I will leave here a yet unseen piece of artwork. These jar brains are the Hitler Decoys that will try to throw off the scent of the Action Hero. 


Check back next week for more news! 


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Because it has to be said:

"Have fun storming the castle!"


And I'd definitely be interested in trying to attend one year.  Just couldn't swing it this year.

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