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From the Athletic.  This site is superior to anything else I've read in quite a while.

Another element to take into account when breaking down the value of a draft pick isn’t just the likelihood of that player succeeding, but finding out the value of the snaps he’ll be replacing. In this case, Bradbury is replacing Mike Remmers or Tom Compton — either by directly playing guard or indirectly by playing center and moving Pat Elflein to guard.

Elflein ranked 26th of 27 in pass-blocking efficiency among centers with at least 50 percent of their team’s snaps and Compton and Remmers ranked 42nd and 43rd of 51 guards, meaning that if Elflein replicated his performance last year (at whichever position) and Bradbury played at an average level, the Vikings would be taking about 22-25 pressures off the field.

That alone would drop quarterback Kirk Cousins from fifth in pressure rate in the NFL to 10th. If a move to guard improves Elflein’s prospects and new signee Josh Kline outplays either guard — something he didn’t do for Tennessee but has for the balance of his career — the Vikings can move back into average or even above average pressure territory, which should be a sigh of relief for Vikings fans.

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