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3 minutes ago, Thomas Browne said:

Again I thank you for your insight.  As I said, for other reasons, Gen Con isn't really an option for me this year.. but it's good to know about the refund policy for the future.

Anytime!  And I totally understand--GC is a serious commitment of both time and money!  It's normally an every 2-3 year con for me at most, but I may wind up going again this year after attending in 2019 due to friends who missed last year planning a 2020 trip.  I'm buying a ticket and entering the housing lottery, but we'll see how my finances are looking this summer to see if I actually make it...

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Good luck to all with aspirations towards Gencon housing. 

We have our badges and our parking but once again don't expect to be staying downtown -- especially now that we see our queue time. :)


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