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2 hours ago, Zoe said:

Ooh, just ordered Scythe and the expansions this past weekend. Really excited to try it.

I have all the expansions but the last one, and its on pre-order for me. I even have the upgraded resources for the game which look awesome. The latest expansion is a campaign where you will unlock boxes like a legacy game, but nothing is destroyed. Meeple Source offers a special where you can buy secret upgraded components for the campaign. I brought them. They come in small black bags you can’t see through and are labeled with which box you are suppose to open them with.

Now I must impatiently wait until my preorder of the expansion actually arrives. Suppose to come in August, but I don’t know the actually date.

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I'm down to 3 heroes only needing some essence of pearl to be put on the bases (and gluing the magnets on), 1 monster almost done, 2 monsters not started or barely started, and 3 more heroes then I'm "done" with painting Massive Darkness.  Unfortunately Jaemus has been in Indiana since GenCon.  He bought a bunch of Massive Darkness while at GenCon.  After a few emails back and forth, I saw he got 2 expansions I passed on (rats and reptiles - another one I didn't get because I got half of it as an exclusive).  KS wanted $32 a piece, but Amazon had both on sale and I ended up getting them both for under $60 including taxes.  So instead of almost being done painting the game, I'm back to almost 50 miniatures to go.  Why do I do these things?

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