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@Barb, you can. There are auto rules for the other players. When my sister and I played through the campaign, we had two autos. Then later added 2 more. The more auto you have, the more area can open up, giving you more options.

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16 hours ago, Barb Bliss said:

@tgpumpkin, Do you think it would be OK to do Charterstone solo?

As @RomyCat said it would be okay....but honestly to enjoy it I feel like you would want at least 2 people.  What made it for me was 2 things....the discovery of new stuff and the people.  Player interaction isn’t huge....but it’s fun how certain things happen to people based on how they perform and collectively building your Charterstone together.  Decisions others make definitely have an impact on your strategy .  So ultimately my vote is no,

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