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Amusing Mistake in Prominent Kickstarter

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So CMON has begun US fulfillment of Rising Sun, which is set in a mythical feudal Japan, and in typical CMON fashion, features minis of various monsters, demi-gods, and the like.  While the game should perhaps be viewed as a very loose interpretation of the setting and mythology, e.g. Blood Rage, some backers have taken issue with the inaccurate and inconsistent conventions used to name the map regions, and discussions regarding cultural appropriation have sprung up on BGG.  

However, there is one particular instance of inattention to detail that is much, much funnier.


One of the KS Exclusive stretch goals was for a mythical creature named Kotahi.  


Recently, one Japanese speaking BGG user posted saying despite his best efforts he couldn't find any history related to this character.  It turns out CMON used Wikipedia for their research and didn't verify their sources!   Kotahi is actually the first name of a 19-year-old farmer from New Zealand, and is a Maori word meaning "unity".  Kotahi's mate in Australia made up the Wikipedia entry to poke fun at his buddy, and it seems that CMON used that page to create their character.

Kotahi is not a board gamer, but joined BGG to participate in the thread.  CMON owned up to their mistake and it sounds like they will be sending him and his buddy copies of the game.  



BGG Thread

New Zealand News Article 


Image result for check your sources meme



Has anyone else come across similar board game-related anecdotes?

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I read that entire thread. This is one of the funnest board game stories I have came across. It should be a warning to everyone that proper research should not begin and end at Wikipedia.   And its a great Easter egg for players to chat about for years to come.

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I have to admit, it would be awesome to accidentally be included into a game.   The savage beast RomyCat stalks across the board. Will you tame the creature and get her to join your side or will you battle against her?

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