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  1. 2020 Goals As we drove home from Reapercon this year, we talked about our contest results, and the year (2019) and what we wanted to work on next and how we wanted to tackle 2020. All in all, 2019 was a great Hobby year, but I often felt overwhelmed and spread too thin trying to get contest pieces done while also moving forward with tabletop content. The amount of Shadows of Brimstone that I have in my pile of shame is truly staggering, nevermind KDM, or Freeblades, or Dropfleet (yes, I still have MUCH more DFC in a box in the closet). While I'm super happy with taking contest wins at smaller contests, I would truly like to improve my results at a huge/national contest like Reapercon. I'm finding it difficult for these two aspirations (turn and burn painting, serious contest entries) to co-exist while also tackling real life. So, for 2020 I am embarking upon a 2-pronged approach. First, I'm blowing off contest entries for a year. If I happen to toss something together (like I did for the Miniature Monthly Masters this month), that's great. But I am not going to clog my desk with a series of "serious" entries like I did in 2019. I'm going to come back at the end of the year with my best work. I'd really like to do well at RC2020, aiming for Gold status, and/or taking a win in one of the Manufacturer awards. The rest of the car ride consisted of scheming and planning and picking out just a handful of projects that would help support this, while not being so overwhelming that I can't continue to keep SoB and KDM moving forward. Dropfleet Commander 2-Up Beijing The first serious project is the subject of this post. During the 2015 Kickstarter, Hawk (now TTCombat) offered a "2-Up" battleship as an exclusive addon. I missed the KS, but managed to grab one of the last of their residual stock at Adepticon. This is a 200% scale display model of one of the iconic battleships from the game. It's not tourney playable but could act as an objective/centerpiece. Mine will be display only. One of the classes we took at Reapercon was about planning out a "serious" contest piece, so upon our return I built out a 14 page powerpoint where I assembled inspiration (art) and goals, and planned through how I'd tackle the ship. I've learned a lot from my tabletop DFC; now it's time to take all that and crank up the quality. I also signed up for monthly 1:1 with Aaron Lovejoy through Miniature Monthly's Patreon. So, once a month I'll get some feedback and insights from a pro painter via skype. Inspiration and Source Art A big chunk off the planning document was source art. I'm screenshotting several of the slides so that you can see how I assembled my thoughts:
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