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Found 2 results

  1. This is a thread about getting started. From the very beginning. Where would one begin their mini-painting journey?
  2. When it comes to the Hobby aspect assembling and painting minis, what are the things you reach for almost every project? (I don't necessarily mean brushes or wet palettes, though we could have a thread just about either... looking for the more obscure products or specific colors that made you say "oh wow, holy cow" when you first used it.) Here's a few from me: ArmyPainter Necromancer Cloak. I end up using this color on every mini that I paint. It's a very deep charcoal gray. It's neutral, neither warm nor cold, and works well with almost every other color. It doubles as black in a lot of cases, but *isn't* black so you can actually use a wash to shade it a bit. It's quite thick from the bottle but thins well and retains coverage. Xuron 170 Clippers. For $8 on amazon, these clippers have been some of the best investment in my hobby. Liquitex Inks. Burnt Umber, Burnt Sienna, and Carbon Black. I have less time with these, but have been using them on every model for the past 6 months. They airbrush like a champ, clean up well, and add quick and easy depth. The Carbon Black is too opaque to use as a wash, but is super effective as translucent shadows. The Burnt colors easily add dirt and grime to capes and interesting shadows when applied under arms and around a figure's waist. Burnt Sienna looks like rust when applied over metallics. These are more expensive than hobby-grade washes and inks, but the jars are bigger and each model only takes 1-2 drops.
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