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  1. Zoxe

    Double Six

    The DoubleSix dice campaign is up and running! I bought a set of these for use with Shadows of Brimstone. They are really cool, though I will admit that for the bucketfulls of dice that SoB needs, I went back to standard/smaller d6's due to size. Since they are more round, they also have some trouble landing decisively flat if you throw many at once and use a dice tower or small tray. (They need some room to breathe to land flatly if there is a big herd of them). Might sound like I'm trying to talk you out of backing, but I'm actually about to join the campaign. For games where you use a few D6, or have a large rolling surface, they're really perfect - and unique. They feel great, they roll well, and the combination of simple pips with classic colors really looks good in person. The set I'm buying will probably go into my Dropfleet wargaming bag. (the production video is worth the visit to the campaign too).
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