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  1. I'm currently on a quest to overhaul our gaming alcove. We have a family gathering in a couple of weeks, and I need to free up space and make things tidy before our 3- and 4-year old nieces descend upon our abode. So, I'm spending my Sunday afternoon assembling our new Besta chest/organizer. This is not as exciting as it sounds! Background: Besta is a modular line at Ikea that lets you customize the result. It's primarily intended for TV/entertainment centers but we found a pre-config'd setup that will fit our gaming alcove perfectly and allow us to centralize all the various boxes and unassembled models that we have stashed around the house. Hellquest, Chapter 1: I really detest box stores, but a few weeks ago we took a deep breath and braved the local Ikea to get actual eyeballs on the items. In and out of the store as quickly as possible, before I failed a sanity roll when dealing with the SUV Soccer Mom Mafia (SSMM) that inhabits the suburban tundra around the Ikea mecca (*shakes angry fist at SSMM*). Anyway, with the valuable intel we needed, we retreated to our laptops to min/max the strategy (actual build configuration of the modular items) from the safety of our own country stronghold. Then, for $29, had it all delivered to the house last week. It was $29 well spent to have someone else collect all the bits and then hump them to my front door. Hellquest, Chapter 2: But ... the problem with the modular stuff is that there is currently a HUGE pile of boxes in our entryway. Each bit has its own SKU, and came in its own packaging, with its own instructions. Now instead of facing mortal combat with the SSMM, I am staring down a huge puzzle quest with many possible false steps bearing mortal danger and shredded faux-plywood. I've hauled the biggest boxes upstairs and have been picking through them. So far, so good. Pics to follow, but at present I have 3 of the 4 "backbone" pieces assembled, minus doors, and will probably take a break for a stamina potion (rye whisky) after the 4th is done.
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