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  1. So, what are everyone's convention plans this year? We start every year with putting a pin in Gencon weekend. Historically it's been the only show we attend until we branched out last year. Beyond gaming, Gencon also serves as a reunion of new and old friends (in particular, a group from college that have attended far longer than I have). We are NOT doing Adepticon this year. I've heard good things about it, it's pretty close and we could stay with my brother for free, but alas it conflicts with another major family trip We ARE attending Miniature Monthly Boot Camp the weekend before Adepticon, which is also in Chicago. This is a paid 2 day how2paint tutoring session, very excited. PAX Unplugged seems like a definite attend for us. We enjoyed Philly far more than we expected, though I feel like I should get more in tune with the PAX way of doing things. It looks like it moved weekends this year into December, which really helps us. Reapercon is on our radar. I actually have a hotel reserved but we'll decide later if we can justify the expense/distance. EDIT: I forgot Origins! If we head over, it will be for the weekend only. The way our vacation time accrues, we can have days later in the year but are tight early/mid - meaning no time for a fully attended Origins.
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