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  1. Awww, thanks so much everyone! I'm pretty stoked to finally have the idea be real enough to hold, and touch, and rub on my face, and put in my mouth!* *Okay, probably not put in my mouth... Here's a link to the "Shared Design" from UberPrints: https://www.uberprints.com/designs/shared/772697/g5ypgtgu1vo3egtfvejr?ref=email I believe you can order a copy of this same design just by using that link. It's a bit spendy for a t-shirt, mind you (22 and change, plus some shipping made my shirt almost 30 bucks), but I think they get cheaper if you buy more. I just bought a single tee.
  2. So, not exactly a "Dog Might Product", but this design and me ordering it from a custom Tees site was all done with Dog Might's blessing. I hope you all dig my new apparel! ??