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  1. 24 minutes ago, WxCougar said:

    @Zoe, we only have 2 cats now, so I don't think I'd consider that a lot ; ).  We did have 3 sheep but we lost those to predation a few years back. I have a picture of them somewhere but can't seem to find it at the moment. We hope to get a cow or two in the next few years for beef, but have some pasture work to do first.

    Let's see hobbies - I have a ton of those ;).

    I do various types of arts and crafts - painting not just miniatures but gourds and the occasional ceramic. I have started doing the paint and sips and those are a ton of fun. Never expected I could do canvas painting but so far, so long as I have an idea of what I am doing, they don't look half bad.  I do cross stitch occasionally, but my sister is way better at it than I am. Chainmaille, seed bead and wire jewelry are my main craft at present and we sell at farmer's markets and bazaars. I also have a Taikadai loom (Japanese braiding), and have made a few scarves/belts. Included a picture.

    I love photography and have included a few pictures that I have taken. One is in an old tree in Blue Basin in the John Day Fossil Beds in Central Oregon, an old building I found in the John Day Valley and the other is a local sunset over a corn field.

    Music is another love of mine and I play all kinds of instruments (flute/piccolo/alto flute, all the recorders,  trumpet, trombone, bassoon and handbells). I am currently leading a handbell choir and am playing piccolo in the local orchestra.

    My husband and I also are involved in the local Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA), which is actually how we met. He is a heavy fighter and I was involved in the arts and crafts as well as music. Its been a few years since we have had a chance to get back in to that, but hope to soon.

    My husband and I are also Rock Hounds and have collected lots of various rocks from local hunting trips with our local chapter, as well as purchased many over the years (I have been a lover of rocks since I was little). This is another hobby that has taken a hiatus and we hope to get back to Glass Buttes to do some more obsidian hunting.

    blue basin walk.jpg


    Old Building and flowers.jpg

    The kumihimo belts..jpg

    This is so awesome!! Ohmygosh. I LOVE that sunset photo.

    And oh no - I didn't realize you had lost your sheep! Gotta get yourself a livestock guardian dog breed next time 'round. How much poop did you have to deal with having just the three? ? I always want to have sheep, just to be able to justify learning how to teach my dogs how to herd (although it's mostly inherent/genetic anyway), but at that point I think it may only be worthwhile if you've got at least 5 sheep... and my boyfriend doesn't like the sound of how much poop that may turn out to be. Probably gonna get chickens once we buy a house, though! My one dog will enjoy protecting them, I think, since he already likes to yell at deer to go away.

  2. 2 minutes ago, LaBelleFleur said:

    First of all, thank you so so much for the pictures and advice - I super appreciate it! :D

    I am definitely feeling the magic with the Imperial Ruby / Red Wine combo!  Seeing it together in the same picture sealed the deal for me.  Can you please change my order? :)

    No worries about the delay, I know it's in good hands!  And it gives me more time to stalk the stock page...

    Thanks again!

    Absolutely!! :D

  3. 8 minutes ago, Thomas Browne said:

    I've always enjoyed working with my hands.. unfortunately I don't have the opportunity to do it much since I left college.

    Past hobbies include:

    stained glass

    wheel pottery

    glassblowing (that one actually IS post college, but I ran through the basic classes and all the advanced classes have always been on days I can't do it :( So I ended up stopping)


    Also I did curling for a number of years until I injured a shoulder twice (once while curling, once not) - kind of made it impossible to sweep effectively.



    What! These are awesome! I want to see what you made!!

  4. 12 minutes ago, Konas said:

    I was an artist for a while..in my earlier life. Lots of commissions based on antique family pics. A lot of sport stuff. @Barb Bliss will think I was a sell out because of all the U of M stuff. I totally was. I sold a bunch of them. Now, I no longer take commissions and only paint for fun. I have been working on a painting of the Marvel character 'Juggernaut' for a while. It is on my wall unfinished. Someday I will finish it...probably. I will get a pic of it and post here. For now, here is some of my older stuff






    I love that second one! The expressions in that one are all cozy and homey feeling.

  5. 31 minutes ago, Barb Bliss said:

    I used to needlepoint a lot when I was younger.  My sweet baby, Kunta Kittie, had the self restraint to lie on my legs while I stitched.  Inkie was a disaster, so she would exit stage right when the needlework came out.  Kunta knew she'd be given the heave ho if she messed with the fibers, so she calmly laid there, and eventually would nap.  The only speed bumps were the metallic fibers.  She'd look at the fibers, then she'd look at me, and back at the fibers.  You could see the gears turning in  her head.  I'd say "Don't do it.  You know what will happen."  About 30% of the time that would stop her.   The other 70% of the time, she finally wouldn't be able to stand it anymore, and would lunge at the fibers.  A lot of my work lovingly has cat hair tucked underneath the stitches.

    Every year, I would make a Christmas ornament for every kid in the family.  The thought being that by the time they left home, they'd have a set of ornaments to call their own.  It was a lot of work for a while, but now, there's only a few 3rd cousins that live a long ways away, and I didn't restart it for that next generation.

    What?! That's awesome!! I forget - I also knit, haha. I've been knitting the same scarf for probably 5 years or something ridiculous, since I only go to it a couple times a year. Do a few rows. Don't bother again for awhile. It's also an extra long scarf.

  6. 2 minutes ago, Barb Bliss said:

    Yes!  Thanks.  BTW, it's technically a felony to mess with US currency...

    Uhh, uhhh, uhhhhhhhhh, they are.. fake... quarters. Obviously. Canadian quarters, too, that we got from being so close to the border. (That's actually true! I worked in retail when I was younger and in one area, we would take Canadian quarters 'cause it was just gonna happen, but another place I worked at in the same town refused to take it. It was a PIA.)

  7. 2 minutes ago, Barb Bliss said:

    I can't see any of the pictures.  ?  Note: One think I learned early was don't plant the bell peppers anywhere near the jalapenos.  The bees can make the bells just as hot as the hot peppers.

    OH NOOOO. You need to see them!!!! I worked too hard on these for you not to see them!!! Do these work?






    And hahahaha, about the bell peppers and jalapenos... we actually did that on purpose since we have a spice addiction.

  8. HAHA. A great place for all of us to show off any hobbies we may have outside of gaming or woodworking!

    I'm getting deeper and deeper into dog sports (agility primarily) so I can show you guys some of that if anyone's interested (don't get me started, honestly, I have a Problem). I also have an accessory problem, so I decided to start learning how to make my own leashes and collars out of a material called biothane. Biothane is a fake leather material with nylon webbing down the center, it's often used for horse tack. I'll get some photos of what I've done so far when I get home, but it's not anything impressive yet!

    I imagine @Barb Bliss has lots of planting stuff to share (and should!!!). My boyfriend and I started a real garden this year and grew at least 30 pounds of tomatoes. Also grew some habaneros, jalapenos, rosemary, basil, and some other goodies. Our strawberries were eaten by the wildlife (we ended up putting a fence netting around the tomatoes to keep them safe). I dunno what @WxCougar is doing with all those animals she has, but she should show some photos of them... ?

    Lastly, my boyfriend started blacksmithing a year ago, which is where a couple of our hobbies meet. My first dog-related hobby was/is photography, so here are some shots of his most recent work that I took and edited, trying to be fancy (see next post).


    This is a technique called mokume-gane. He turned that stack of quarters into that bracelet, which, since they are made of two different metals, produces that really cool wood grainy finger printy look. These photos were also some of my first shot in RAW.


    And then here's one of my best dog photos after I got the hang of RAW (see next post).


    That's shot from above with him between my legs (doing his trick 'peekaboo,' we can dance together).

  9. Oh man, I got real jazzed for a second, getting ready to come in and tell you all about my ridiculous growing dog-related obsessions (such as making my own biothane leashes and all my various newly acquired agility equipment), and then I remembered this is a miniature subforum.

    Watching all of you paint makes me want to sell my Warhammer 40k Eldar minis and get back into Space Wolves. I don't know why I ever got Eldar, they are not for me. I had had Space Wolves originally and liked them a lot more. It'd take me like, 2 days to paint one single dude, but I loved 'em. Much more my style. I never even played the game itself, though, just spent time painting and trying to make each guy a little unique. The boyfriend has a bunch of Tau and actually painted lens flares on some of the guys. I was impressed! We haven't really touched any of 'em in a couple years, though.

  10. 12 hours ago, LaBelleFleur said:

    I definitely trust them to pick if they’re willing! I’d even go for the more textured ones if they think it’d go best.

    Yeah!! Not to be creepy, but looks like you've got brown textured on there right now - annnnd your AC's initial build got error'd (I think we had a bad run this week), so it may also be a little delayed in the long run. In any case, I can easily change that for ya if you want, or tell Jeremiah to live his dream and pick a lining for you.

    Black Dragonhide always looks stupendous with Imperial Ruby (as does the black felt), but if you're not into the texture, I totally get that. We may actually have some Black Demonhide lying around, which is basically smooth/fake leather texture. I'll check with Jeremiah.

    BUT! Here are some example photos for you.

    First, Red Wine on an Imperial Ruby AC - but please note... this is a damaged AC and was stained a little poorly (it should have been blended more): 1512495962_IMG_6545.JPG

    The only other example I have of the Red Wine lining with something that isn't just a natural wood is it with our Demon's Blood finish:


    I think it looks fantastic with Imperial Ruby, but it depends on the feel you're going for! If you want something more subdued, I'd go black. If you want something more magical and pronounced, then I'd go with the Red Wine. :)

  11. 11 minutes ago, marsniper_27 said:

    Attempted to print a zealot from StarCraft ii for a friend at work last night. The model wasn't well designed for 3d printing unfortunately.



    Not gonna lie, my response to this went like this:

    First photo - "Oh, yeah, I can see what he means about the model."

    Second photo - "Oh-- HAHAHA... Oh dear."

  12. 11 minutes ago, marsniper_27 said:

    No I want another couple weeks of this nice weather. this summer was to hot to do anything its finally a reasonable temp here in Atlantic Canada I want to enjoy it a bit more before it snows.

    Seriously. I'm glad the chilly, moderate fall weather is here in Michigan, but that summer SUCKED. Usually I get to hang out on the porch and watch my dogs, have a bonfire or two, but no way. Not this year. Too busy sweating to death.

    I should do a bonfire this weekend, though...

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