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  1. On 1/11/2019 at 9:02 PM, tgpumpkin said:

    Oh my gourd I missed this!!!!  Congratulations @Zoe.  That’s awesome.  Sorry I was distracted by the castle tray to offer my sincerest well wishes.  

    Also quite an active day in the comments today peeps.  Felt good to chat with all of you for a while there and see some outstanding puns.  Haven’t ran out of “likes” in quite some time.  


    On 1/12/2019 at 1:03 PM, GhostChopper said:

    OMG!!! Congratulations!!! That’s super exciting! 

    Bwahhhh, thanks, guys!!

  2. 1 minute ago, WxCougar said:

    Ouch... the puns snuck in.


    Not having a vowel middle name, I don't get the fun word initials. But I did trade a hard to spell/pronounce last name for an easy one (but then, you could always weed out the junk phone calls when they don't see your name right).

    My parents decided to purposefully have my initials spell ZAP (my dad's spell MAP) after joking about naming me Penelope.

    So I'd be Penelope Prokopiak. 😂

  3. Just now, Barb Bliss said:

    You could go the pClunky-Fisher route...

    God. Can you even imagine? You'd think with a name like Fisher you don't have to spell it often, but you do. So then I'd be there going P as in Peter, R, O, K as in kangaroo, O, P as in Peter, I, A as in apple, K as in kangaroo, dash... Fisher, just f-i-s-h-e-r, no c.

    I'd perish before I could ever schedule a doctor's appointment.

  4. 45 minutes ago, WxCougar said:

    I ordered a Redheart boulder for my husband since he clearly needs more dice ;).  And then I'm still not entirely sure what the other set is going to be other than mine. I'm assuming poor @Zoe is going crazy with emails.

    I am ONLY about 24 hours behind on most of them now!!! The email I sent you last week I need @Konas for now that they're all done with meetings this week.

  5. 14 hours ago, tgpumpkin said:

    So about a week ago my daughter had a sleepover with one of her friends.  Her friend is more conservative and as I was looking for a board game to possibly play with them I realized I have  ton of dungeon/monster/zombie/mech games but not many softer themed games outside of ticket to ride and sagrada.  I decided I needed to remedy this.

    enter a week later stonemaiers new game “Wingspan” is releasing.  I decided to jump in on that.  Definitely a very different theme than I go for however I have to say the components look solid and Stonemeier hasn’t steered me wrong.  Never would have thought this would be my first board game of 2019 though :)


    GASP. One of my side obsessions is birds and I absolutely love the look of this game. Oh my gosh. Adding this to my list. OH MAN. I love this.

  6. 2 hours ago, Barb Bliss said:

    That's when the alarm goes off.  The goal is to be at my desk and working by 6:30.  If I have to go to the office downtown, that shifts to a 5 am alarm (no snooze buttons), and at my desk by 6 am.  Otherwise the commute time doubles.


    I am not a morning person, that sounds like torture.

  7. On 12/28/2018 at 8:15 AM, Konas said:

    Hope everyone had an amazing Holiday! We had a fantastic time out in Philly. Went downtown to the XMas village. Had some amazing mulled wine. Lots of time with family. Ran a brutal 4 mile run. Food. Too much food. Got some great presents...including a Vodka Carousel! Some minis, an L5R book, running clothes. Too much to cram into my already packed gaming room. Good to be back at work feeling productive once again.

    Pic of us in downtown Philly in front of a flexing topiary buck....


    I would like to request that you frame this photo and hang it in your house. And in the lobby here at Dog Might.

  8. 1 hour ago, tgpumpkin said:

    The sentinel has almost everything I want except it has the same dragon I have on my awesome redheart.  I'd like something different I think.  We're getting closer though!

    So no waffles...just not there yet :)  My time will come.  

    PS-I failed to mention that I got my Boxthrone too.  I think you got the bigger set as mine is more 1 column's worth or 2 smaller columns side by side.  I can't wait to set mine up :) 

    We could always change the engraving~

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