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  1. Oh gracious!! That's up there with some of the Italian names I've heard.
  2. My parents decided to purposefully have my initials spell ZAP (my dad's spell MAP) after joking about naming me Penelope. So I'd be Penelope Prokopiak. 😂
  3. God. Can you even imagine? You'd think with a name like Fisher you don't have to spell it often, but you do. So then I'd be there going P as in Peter, R, O, K as in kangaroo, O, P as in Peter, I, A as in apple, K as in kangaroo, dash... Fisher, just f-i-s-h-e-r, no c. I'd perish before I could ever schedule a doctor's appointment.
  4. Right?! It's an important part of my identity!!!! Happy to shed my clunky, annoying last name, but my initials.....
  5. MF is silly, wouldn't even be my initials! Nobody abbreviates Mrs. whatevertheirnameis to MW or whatever!! However, my current initials are ZAP... I would be losing that if I can't convince my fiancee to let me go with my joke take on his last name... ... Phisher.
  6. I am ONLY about 24 hours behind on most of them now!!! The email I sent you last week I need @Konas for now that they're all done with meetings this week.
  7. The Cocobolo set is all done and ready! Other two still in progress.
  8. Aww, thanks, everybody!! I should grab some photos of the ring. The band is rose gold with a raw diamond, but the band is sculpted to look like a branch.
  9. I posted that Chechen with the Yggdrasil engraving, saw the interiors, thought of @Barb Bliss, listed a couple more things... Bam, email notification of a purchase! Hehehe.
  10. D.Va!!! One of my fav Overwatch characters.
  11. GASP. One of my side obsessions is birds and I absolutely love the look of this game. Oh my gosh. Adding this to my list. OH MAN. I love this.
  12. ickkkkk I am not a morning person, that sounds like torture.
  13. OOOHH I'm a sucker for crystals so I may be biased but, lovin' those crystals!
  14. I would like to request that you frame this photo and hang it in your house. And in the lobby here at Dog Might.
  15. I have no control over this!!! Please do not hold this against me!!!
  16. Oh, I am loving the banshee. She looks fantastic.
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