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  1. 3 minutes ago, Barb Bliss said:

    My nighttime visitors are usually limited to Thumper.  Maybe if we could get some more wolves, there'd be fewer Thumpers.

    We had 3 rabbits in the yard yesterday afternoon. Chased 'em off so my dogs would stop cursing. A little while later they were back at the cursing. I couldn't find any rabbits. Put my calmer dog on his long line so he could yell outside and chase off whatever was hanging around, so the cursing would come to an end.

    Turned out to be like, at least 6 deer back behind the trees on the far end of the yard. Never had that many at once during the day!

  2. 3 hours ago, Konas said:

    This was basically my weekend. The only issue we had was that the brisket shipped to us for our Butcher Box was barely that. It was only a small partial 'flat' without the 'point' of the brisket. It was very tough after smoking. But, no biggie. I am a newb and will get the proper meat next time. The salmon I grilled on Sunday was amazing.


    This is Instagram-worthy. I'm jealous of your weekend, and I had a pretty nice one!!

  3. Here's my new baby. I will get some better photos when I get home, I'm just so excited. Chechen & Cherry. Jeremy did a fancy bit cut for me on the sides. Opted out on the engraving because it has that natural occlusion in the top already (light even shines through it - I love it). The patterning on this Chechen is so stunning. I COULD WEEP. Got some starry night vibes over here.



  4. 8 hours ago, GhostChopper said:

    I want to learn to do stained glass, they’re sooo pretty! 


    For etching, I’d draw/copy a design and then use a sticker cutter to cut it out. I used the sticker as a mask and chemically etched it. One of my early ones below.


    What?! This is so cool!!! You gotta do more!

    And now I wanna see what @Treelamp's mom has made, apparently?!

  5. 48 minutes ago, Konas said:

    2 figures from The Other Side game. I think they sent me the wrong faction but no biggie. I cut these off their standard bases and used one piece of old terrain for the first and some cork board to build the second.




  6. And while we're here, I've edited a bunch of photos lately, but here's two most recent ones from when I visited my friend for an agility seminar last month. We went on a bunch of hikes, so I took a bunch of photos along the trail.

    The black & white dog is actually a tailed Aussie - he is genetically a black tri but his tan points are extremely slight. The other dog is a Keeshond. :)



  7. On 3/30/2019 at 10:28 PM, GhostChopper said:

    @Zoe How did he shape the metal?!? That’s so cool! 

    @Konas I didn’t realize you painted, your art looks awesome! 

    I swear this isn't meant to be sassy, but he hammered it. A lot. He uses the anvil at particular angles while he hammers it to get the desired shape. The first test that is usually put to apprentice blacksmiths is a decorative metal leaf - he's made three or so of these but the stem always breaks, so the bracelet was definitely easier. He's getting there!

  8. 9 minutes ago, yatescory said:

    Wow..what a nice piece.  How do you guys stain without getting messy?  Do you guys use small brushes on the edges first?  I love that shade of blue...very nice.

    Scott does some amazing detail work using both brushes and these special pens that are kind of like brushes themselves. I believe he does the background color first, and then would do the blue over that, in this particular case!

    And then the highlights are done by scuffing and a lighter re-application.

  9. 39 minutes ago, Barb Bliss said:

    I'm bored as @Konas and @Zoe are probably talking about secret projects or celebrating "Founders' Day", so I thought I get some pictures up.  The villager mobs take a long time and get boring, so I started painting some of the traps and treasures.


    Oooh, I love the treasure pile!!!

  10. Wow!

    I should have grabbed some photos of our yard this weekend. From the last few weeks, our entire yard became a solid ice sheet. Friday to Saturday, that all melted. We've had a little "pond" in our yard before, but this was on another level, since the WHOLE yard had been iced over. It was like a lake! I wasn't really sure where/if my dogs were even gonna play outside. Then Sunday began freezing it over again.

    This morning, I carefully walked my dogs over and let them see me step on the refrozen lake. It was covered in fresh snow, so you wouldn't know it was there. When I stepped on it, you could feel/hear that eerie, deep, loud crack as the ice under my feet splintered outward across the yard. They were bewildered! But learned to stick to the edges. It's only a few inches deep, but I don't want them racing across it, breaking the ice, and then twisting a leg or something, getting stuck in the hole they made.

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