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  1. Hold up! I need to know more about this Cafe Eorzea thing?!
  2. Eee!! I would know that heart & dragon scales & music notes symbol anywhere!! Happy to have you here!
  3. Zoe

    Borealis Dice

    😭👌 The dark purple set is even more highly sought after! It's really a testament to how long he's been playing TTRPGs.
  4. ohohohoh I am so excited to see that come together!
  5. Oh my gracious, I'm laughing but also groaning. 😂
  6. Oh no! Hope you guys had a nice enough time playing while your car got fixed. 😂 Glad nobody got hurt or anything! Flats suck.
  7. Apparently!!! 😬 I've never played a monk-based class before and I was worried about my bonuses to hit and my AC!!! I'VE MADE A MISTAKE I'M SORRY.
  8. Oooh, that should be a caramel-y piece of BoRo, but it may have been shipped out already... I'll take a look today!
  9. Nah, you should be fine. I have a few robin nests around my house. They will likely just ignore you and avoid you. Or, if they set up inside your open garage-shack-thing like one did in mine, you'll need to help them navigate out of your open garage-shack-thing, but that's about it.
  10. Ohohohoh I am LOVING this ship. The stripes not being perfectly opaque, but also the damage. My fav so far.
  11. Oohhh!!! That looks amazing!!
  12. Haha, oh my gosh, I love the way you told this. That sounds absolutely lovely, but you've got me laughing so hard over the "don't poop on me"!
  13. Ohmygosh, the photo him with that yellow leia! I love it. ❤️
  14. Exactly!! So it should be fine!! It can withstand all kinds of shenanigans!
  15. I need to test if I can do a nimble little jump onto the table without knocking everything over...
  16. 😍😍😍🤤🤤🤤 I waaaant it.
  17. That looks freaking mouth-wateringly delicious. And you're in CA so you probably used the right yeast, yeah?! The good ol' San Francisco yeast?! It's different out in the east coast - different yeast, so different taste. Not sour enough, not enough bite. It's a disappointment every time.
  18. 😍!!! I don't know which earrings are my favorite - the first pair, or the last two pairs.. And did you two ( @GhostChopper & @WxCougar ) not know that the both of you do chainmail and jewelry stuff?! How did we let this happen?!
  19. I think he means with the peterpickle code! Hahaha, I love Arabian Rat S&$%!
  20. There may be some more info on our pre-order page, now that the KS is over! You can check that out over here: http://dogmight.com/dicetower We nicknamed it the traveler for its transportation capabilities.
  21. RIGHT. I went ahead with the Yellow King theme of my own accord. I hope it's up somebody's alley! Perfect for a True Detective RPG or something.
  22. Just your friendly neighborhood information provider!!! 😁
  23. You know, you can always place a custom order for 'em to get 'em exactly like you want. Same price as what was up in stock!
  24. It should be in the fuller description! It's Black Walnut with our Royal Purple stained over it.
  25. It's crazy, the apple tree isn't anywhere near dropping apples yet - which is when they usually come around. We haven't really started our garden fully yet, just started digging it out. Have some starters in the humid mud room to get them going, but nothing in the ground. We put up netting and stuff last year and will do that again.
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