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  1. @tgpumpkin Aye aye, pumpkintain! That .. was my attempt at combining pumpkin and captain. I have the utmost respect for the gourds - I solemnly swear I won't commit any of the atrocities you've described.

    @Konas Thanks for protecting my reputation. Er.. I think.

    @HarenM HAH. I'm in Rochester, NY. It snowed last night (and has remained on the ground to this evening). Used to it, though, so at least I was prepared!

  2. @Barb Bliss, I just threw some metal dice through some of our softer woods (Walnut, African Mahogany) several times. With the new interior and the new felt design covering more surface area, I don't think you'll see that happening. Over time, some areas of the interior may get dinged up, but on the whole, I think they'll stand up well. The only areas in the interior that aren't covered by felt are right along the slanted edges, if that makes sense - except the bottom half that catches your roll. That's entirely covered in felt, so it's well protected. (If you look at that Sapphire DT photo in Serge's post, you'll see the slanted edges aren't covered by the blue felt. The new ones will be!) The top half is also more thoroughly covered with felt, as it slants down into the bottom half.

    The exterior should be totally fine, of course.

    Here's the Purpleheart new DT from our giveaway on Facebook. It showcases the new felt pretty well.

    Not that I'm Mike! But I'm excited about these new DTs. :D


  3. Thanks, @Blinkus Maximus! Apparently, there's a pet thread around here somewhere, so I need to spam some photos... And please, find ALL the loopholes and bombard me!

    @Adam Oh yes, the selfless act of grammar correction also comes with the duty of carrying the title of Most Annoying Person in the Room... But gosh dang it, those apostrophes and Oxford commas need protected!

  4. Thank you so much for the intro, Lindsey! I was ecstatic to join Dog Might this summer and am even more pumped now to be part of the game design team!

    I've been writing since I was much tinier than I am now (I'm uh, really short.. I guess this joke only works in person) and have been correcting people's grammar since I first learned the difference between its and it's. I actually wanted to be a part of the Apostrophe Protection Society as an enthusiastic child, but it's in the UK.

    Roleplaying games of any flavor are my ultimate jam. Some of my favorite board games include Netrunner (I've got a serious cyberpunk genre obsession), Agricola, and Mysterium. Unsurprisingly, I love Shadowrun and Cyberpunk 2020. I've also eagerly read, a few times over, the Changeling: the Lost books.. although I've never been able to have a session of the actual game.

    My icon is a piece of art I commissioned of one of my dogs as a rogue! My other dog is a paladin. Should be pretty clear how I ended up applying to work at Dog Might with just that knowledge.

    And that must be everyone's favorite woofworker posing as Mike! Thanks, Sawdust! Only Sawdust would abuse a keyboard like that. I think when he says "zebra frenzy choo," he means his horse head toy that he can't stop chewing. What a good, smart boy.

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