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  1. Oh no. You gotta show an after photo set now. Were they real tore up?
  2. Aaaawwwwwww!!!!!!!!! You guyssss!!!!!!!!!!! 😭❤️❤️❤️ This just made my whole week!! 'Spunky' is definitely an adjective that has been used to describe me since I was at least 5, lol. And 'bubbly'. I don't think I really resemble a bottle of champagne, though. 😉
  3. My shortness is so apparent here.
  4. Oh man, that looks killer.
  5. Ooh! It did take me a moment to find her. Haha, glad you shared this photo. That was a fun tidbit to my morning.
  6. Stay safe, @Zoxe. I hope that's the end of that. Heard some not good things for a couple of states this morning on the radio.
  7. I am definitely jamming on Grimmerspace. Sent it to my DM friend, too. Right up our alley.
  8. That is a very curious place for her to roost, indeed?! You'll have to keep us updated.
  9. I'm laughing at your description of its effect on the earth, hahaha. Oh goodness. Glad it worked out pretty okay at least! Ahhh, that sounds amazing!!
  10. Yessss!!! 😍 They're so great!
  11. https://metro.co.uk/2019/05/14/dad-arrested-horrific-youtube-clip-abusing-screaming-toddler-9540741/?ito=article.mweb.share.bottom.link&fbclid=IwAR3db-OSWow6sL5FLqWwQ2Y0m4qNKpHsEWIxNrcy48kA0HKIM6YeIQp5tzg Someone pointed out this new campaign matches his bond. This is.. yeah. Very depressing.
  12. I absolutely could not deal with a child starting to cry for ice cream. Even if they weren't mine. I'd have to sneak them some.
  13. I am exempt because it's cursing at a scumbag!!!
  14. Some backers are finding now that there's more in some of his streams - sounds like he's trying to buy adderall in a couple, over the phone, which is not what I would have expected as his drug of choice. But yeah.
  15. The KS backers on the original campaign were trying to dig up dirt on the guy - or figure out why he was ridiculous enough to think launching a GoT card game was a good idea. They found his YouTube account, which had a bunch of hours long streams on it. In one of those, there is audio of him screaming and possibly beating one of his children while they scream. The backers immediately took action and sent these clips to the local CPS. There is now a news article from their local NBC news reporting on two missing children being found - using photos that are directly from the guy's Facebook,
  16. Yeah. Like. What the fuck. Can corroborate those photos with the guy's Facebook, for what it's worth. And the names, obviously.
  17. Ahaha, I got night terrors as a kid, which is like sleepwalking during a nightmare. One of the ones I had was kind of Zelda-esque. There were tall, wiggly pillars standing above a crashing ocean. It was dark, spooky. All you could see was the next pillar and the waves crashing up against the bottom of them. It was a million miles down, it seemed like. I stepped from one pillar to the other. Then I fell. And I woke up. I had been standing on my bed, trying to step to the stool at my writing desk. Not the most stable of stools - it was one of those fold-up ones - so I fell. I craw
  18. Uhhhh, gonna take all that back. This campaign took a dark turn - the backers that were previously trolling and being sarcastic, etc., are now turning around to alert CPS to this guy's YouTube channel.
  19. Yep, exactly my thoughts. Which is kind of heartbreaking for the guy. I don't think he's coming at this maliciously.
  20. 😬 Oof, it kinda makes me sad - it seems like he thinks what he's doing is okay/good to go.
  21. Ooooohhhh my gosh. Omg. I'm never going to be able to go to every attraction I'm interested in, in a singular trip to Japan. Gonna havta do multiple. Man.
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