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  1. Some AMAZINGLY GORGEOUS DELICIOUSSSSS woods coming through today for Valhalla Screens 😍
  2. Wow, @RomyCat!!! I love that portal, but that dragon is fantastic!
  3. That back & grain makes me think padauk! May be an older piece that has seen some sun, which is why it's less bright orange and more burnt/dark orange.
  4. Bubingaaaaa!!!!! We haven't been getting as many astounding pieces of Bubinga as we used to, which breaks my heart. It can be such an absolutely stunning wood with its chatoyancy and warmth. I think the neonpunk DC was Dani? @Zoxe grabbed that for his wife, I believe. Super gorgeous. I'm also a huge fan of that screen Jeremy did. Is this kind of like the solar stain you guys were talking about for guitars?
  5. This is absolutely gorgeous, oh man. I wanna say I want it framed but I'd like to just live there.
  6. Ohmygosh, Josh, this is entirely too delightful. You need your own instagram.
  7. I always tell them to go to Jet's instead but they don't wanna..
  8. Haha, yeah! Probably wouldn't happen now. Then again, awareness of the seriousness of concussions is much higher now, too. I know there was some rising debate as a result of some research as to whether or not we should as a species keep playing football, lol... or at least that we should re-consider letting really young kids play, or what have you.
  9. Oh man!!! This is wild and I totally relate, hahaha. But whoo boy, I don't think I've ever had a concussion. My mom told me there was one time where I was sleep walking down into the basement. This was back in NY when we lived in an old game warden's house. The stairs were solid concrete and so was the basement floor. She saw me wobbling down and was terrified I was going to tumble down. Just lucky my mom liked to use the basement as her smoking & wine drinking spot as she wound down for bed! Hope that doesn't happen to you again, not just because of the stress, but concussions are not something to mess with!
  10. Oh!!! Hooray!!! That's a relief.
  11. Oh no. You gotta show an after photo set now. Were they real tore up?
  12. Aaaawwwwwww!!!!!!!!! You guyssss!!!!!!!!!!! 😭❤️❤️❤️ This just made my whole week!! 'Spunky' is definitely an adjective that has been used to describe me since I was at least 5, lol. And 'bubbly'. I don't think I really resemble a bottle of champagne, though. 😉
  13. My shortness is so apparent here.
  14. Oh man, that looks killer.
  15. Ooh! It did take me a moment to find her. Haha, glad you shared this photo. That was a fun tidbit to my morning.
  16. Stay safe, @Zoxe. I hope that's the end of that. Heard some not good things for a couple of states this morning on the radio.
  17. I am definitely jamming on Grimmerspace. Sent it to my DM friend, too. Right up our alley.
  18. That is a very curious place for her to roost, indeed?! You'll have to keep us updated.
  19. I'm laughing at your description of its effect on the earth, hahaha. Oh goodness. Glad it worked out pretty okay at least! Ahhh, that sounds amazing!!
  20. Yessss!!! 😍 They're so great!
  21. https://metro.co.uk/2019/05/14/dad-arrested-horrific-youtube-clip-abusing-screaming-toddler-9540741/?ito=article.mweb.share.bottom.link&fbclid=IwAR3db-OSWow6sL5FLqWwQ2Y0m4qNKpHsEWIxNrcy48kA0HKIM6YeIQp5tzg Someone pointed out this new campaign matches his bond. This is.. yeah. Very depressing.
  22. Ice cream and cookies, tbh.
  23. I absolutely could not deal with a child starting to cry for ice cream. Even if they weren't mine. I'd have to sneak them some.
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