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  1. YESSS. One of my dog friends in Australia did something like this with her springer!
  2. Hahahaha, absolutely! She will love that! There's a local hard cider company here that makes a fall seasonal cider called Black Phillip! It's cranberry & blood orange. Tried to get more this weekend but it was out.
  3. Oh yeah, the motorolas we have also have incredible battery - another thing Isaac occasionally forgets to do is charge his phone, so I get ones that can stand up for a day or two without charging. I can use my phone all day and still be at 70%ish by the end of the day. I can probably go without charging it for 3 days if I only do light usage. I'm vehemently against iPhones but that's just me. Their battery probably won't be trustworthy after 2 years. ?
  4. I'm an Android phone person, so I've got a motorola - I always just go for the cheapest, oldest model that's still available/supported. We have Verizon. I picked the particular phone brand because it's known for its toughness and the boyfriend constantly drops his phone and is generally a bit.. maybe clumsy isn't the right word... but absent-minded. Not entirely spatially aware. Is that just a nice way of saying clumsy? Anyway, these things are built like bricks. Then I have him put the heavy duty Otterbox on there and that baby ain't shatterin' without getting a shotgun to the face. I'm pretty sure mine's like @WxCougar said, because I know I was trying to find an efficient way at some point to transfer all my dog photos from my phone to my computer. I had to upload them one by one to the Google drive, but then that would get full, etc. I don't think I have the cloud storage for that enabled - only my contacts. And then I just use the charger cord it came with to connect to a computer to transfer my photos.
  5. As a millenial, I just wanna say I'm paranoid about the cloud, too, hahaha. ? (But, I also used to work in big data... so maybe I just know too much...) #oldmillenial
  6. It is also snowing here! And it's sticking! And still going!!!
  7. I LOVE that you matched all the dice up!!! And the inside joke makes it pretty special, haha. @Rosie and I showed Annie your showin' off and just made her day!! Thank you so much for sharing. It makes our artists so happy to know people love their stuff so much. ❤️
  8. YESSSS this is awesome!!
  9. Omg, this is AMAZING. I love the way you staged these photos!! Extra points for the Transistor poster. ?
  10. Hahaha, omg, this is awesome!!! Now I want a 3D printer just to make cookie cutters! You'll have to show us some finished cookies now, you know..
  11. Omg I LOVE that you took that picture with your cat!! Perfect for the Spellbook design!!!!
  12. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/6482328/genghis-khan-the-conqueror-75-mm-scale?ref=card There ya go.
  13. Should be tomorrow! Your Bocote is here with me and I saw your Redheart earlier today with @Rosie.
  14. Absolutely!! And actually, our magical UPS software auto-fills city & state by the zip code, so it had it correct (because your zip was correct!) even before you emailed me. Glad we got it corrected and fixed in our system, too, though!!
  15. Omg, that's amazing that she tolerated that.
  16. Annnnd you're our forum winner!!! I am making the Facebook post now as well to announce the other winners!! Shoot me an email at info@dogmight.com so I can get your shipping info and send you your prize!