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  1. Zoe

    Wooden Dice!

    Posting this to share with a curious customer! 😁 VID_20180720_094115752.mp4
  2. Okay, wait. Am I reading this correctly? $35 for 12 minis + 1 KS exclusive mini?
  3. I need that Cattle Dog Ranger, for obvious reasons... clearly inspired by Asher!!
  4. YES FRICK I sent this immediately to @Lindsey and our new employee when I got it in my inbox. My heart NEEDS them, but I don't actually need them. I'm distressed. I think the only solution is to make a dog D&D campaign.
  5. YESSSSS look at that hero sleeve. That piece is INSANE. That was hard to part with. I mean, hot diggity damn!!! I swear Chechen's sapwood is like silver thread. It looks magical.
  6. omg i love it and its name
  7. (as seen on our Twitter) Tip #37: DON'T SHAVE YOUR BEARD WITH YOUR BATTLE AXE Feel free to share your Viking Lumberjack tips below. Truly valuable advice may be posted on our Twitter!
  8. I'm living vicariously through @WxCougar for nabbing this XL Dragon Sheath. 😍
  9. Zoe

    Borealis Dice

    Ohh, this is tough. I might grab a video in the light and post it on DMC. It's not looking quite like what comes up on Google, at least - it's got gold numbers and the D4 numbers are arranged tightly in the center, instead of out by the points. I hate that I love borealis dice so much. 😭 And your D6 old glitter immediately looks cooler than the other one! Wah!
  10. Zoe

    Borealis Dice

    Alright, @ElysianPeace, can you tell what this D4 is? I'm pretty sure someone randomly gave this to me like, 5-7 years ago. I just plucked it out of my dice bag today and happened to have it next to the old borealis you have given me and then realized... oh crap! Have I had an old borealis all this time?! What is this light blue color? It's not teal. Should probably post some of my weird lonely misfits on DMC to try to get fuller sets.
  11. This is the Sentinel I've claimed, fresh off the CNCs - so not sanded yet or anything. These are... actually... most of my full dice sets. Only ones not pictured are a Maui set, Passionfruit set, and then another set of metals from Die Hard Dice that are really for my boyfriend and not me. In the six slot, from top left to bottom right: Burple, Purple Haze, teal (new?) borealis from Chessex; scorched metal from Die Hard, uhhhhh my very first set that I WAS DYING TO HAVE they are dark blue/teal swirled with gold from Chessex, and then Unicorn. In the triple, from left to right: Iguana, light blue/white Chessex (I think of them as my cloud dice), and Bone. (All these named ones being ones that DMG resells from HD.) And then my second set I ever got, my steampunk dice on the bottom lid. Only other full sets I have that aren't pictured are Maui and Passionfruit. Then I've got some strange one-offs. Sooooo... I need some more dice... But this is a Sentinel thread!! I shipped some out today, so if you have yours... share photos of them in action! 👀
  12. Oh man, that IS an awesome backdrop + stand!!! I remember wrapping yours up. There's some nice chatoyancy/holographic-ness to that Bubinga, particularly on the sculpt. Depending on the light, it may be hard to see it with the sheen of the finish. That tower is just gorgeous, though. Our team is doing amazing work.
  13. Ahhh, this is so awesome to see, @TheAuthorOfOZ!! I love seeing it with your CoCo!!!! You guys gotta stop showing off your dice... it's distracting for me at work...
  14. Oh dear! Hm. They shouldn't be getting stuck. Let me look into that for you. And I can send you a replacement set of dice if you like - definitely shouldn't have gotten two D12s and no D20!
  15. Oooh, I am loving these!!! Give us more painted minis, Zoxe!!! I love the design you did for these. Did you use tape to get the stripes? How did you do that so perfectly?
  16. Zoe

    Is this nuts?

    OH MY FREAKING GOODNESS I NEED THIS THIS IS TOO FREAKING CUTE I'M LOSING MY MIND OMG suddenly wishing my boyfriend's siblings were as young as when I first met them, I think they may all be too old for this now his nephew might be into this, though
  17. Like my US flag tattoo?! Totally real, totally legit, just like my other tattoo. Very high quality.
  18. We don't regularly have orange felt but I had Puzz track down teal felt for one customer - I can certainly have us track some orange felt down for you, too. I'm thinkin' of pushin' the wenge + padauk look come October... Although, personally, I always say every day but the winter holidays is Halloween. This is me all of the time forever (but I think @tgpumpkin probably beats me by default):
  19. Oh yes, same for me. I blame it entirely on DMG for getting me into DMC because of our wooden dice. I'm SO glad you got that Black Limba chest to match all your other Black Limba stuff!!! You gotta get a photo of all of that together (and your dice... for me to see). I'm pumped about the new prototypes @Konas & Cameron are working on. Fully intend on transporting all my various sets for D&D with them. I think I also need a few more D&D campaigns to justify all my dice, lmao...
  20. AHA. Okay, I think I just got the teal ones at Origins. It said 'borealis' on them and I was ECSTATIC. I don't know if they're the same type of borealis, though. DMC has ruined me, honestly...
  21. OOOH. What are the teal ones and the purple ones?! I love them!
  22. Zoe

    Is this nuts?

    I love it, omg. ECHINDA SHUFFLE.
  23. I freaking love the Spalted Tamarind one... Man, I am going to have a really hard time picking a wood for these.