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  1. I went with a combo of some suggestions and we are playing with Fenrir's Curse.
  2. Eeesh! That's not fun at all. Be gentle with yourself!
  3. I love her!!! Omg!!! Also, re: your elbow, try to make sure you aren't resting on it directly when you're on the computer, painting, driving, etc. Rest on your forearms. There's a few points around the elbow that will lead to tendonitis if you put pressure on it too often for too long.
  4. Yessss!!! So happy to see them! That purple came out SO WELL, I was delighted to send them off to you.
  5. I do not. In fact, I don't actually own it. A friend of ours we used to live near has it - so really, I should also.. buy it. And the expansions. Regardless, still excited!
  6. Viticulture!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do it!!! It's delightful.
  7. I wore my Santa skull sweater today in faux celebration. This winter wonderland is only acceptable if we get another set of holidays.
  8. Oh my gosh, I used that laundromat when our washer was broken. Hah!
  9. That one I've practically grown attached to at this point!
  10. Here they are in my tiny hands!!
  11. Ahahahaha.. yeah. My hometown was one of the ones on fire before Christmas! And then the mudslides. Still can't beat being 15 minutes from the mountains and 15 minutes from the ocean at any given time, though.
  12. I like how we went from @RomyCat's lovely, peaceful forest imagery to @Barb Bliss's CREEPY KILLER CLOWN. But yeah, sorry about your jaguar, Romy! I thought it was going to win based on the initial votes, too. Yggdrasil will be A+ for your original theme, it sounds like? What are your feelings on the Hydra? Hmm.
  13. I absolutely love this omg..
  14. Oh, oops. 👀 I should say that's all Black Walnut (Dark Walnut's one of our stains for the White Ash, but it's real easy to mix up the names).
  15. This is awesome, oh my gosh!!! I love seeing the intent and reason behind your customization choices - like the fire theme you've got going on. That's awesome. In your third photo, what are the little wooden squares in the bottom half, right side of the case? They look nice.
  16. Grab some mineral oil from the pharmacy section of your local drugstore (cheaper than getting some fancy combo that has the same effect ultimately) and cover the surface of the cutting board with it. Let it soak overnight if you can. Wipe away the excess. Voila! If you get any stains or want to clean it, white vinegar or lemon juice will do less damage to the wood fibers than soap and water. You can also powder the surface with baking soda and then soak in white vinegar to help remove any nasty stains, etc. Don't make my mistake of resting your water pitcher on it overnight and getting a water stain...
  17. This sounds awesome! I love that they are trying to cater to new players like that. It must be easier with it being so small, compared to cons like GenCon, etc.
  18. Zoe

    Wooden Dice!

    Oh my gosh, thank you for having all the supplies in order to do this. I was searching through our Dragon Sheath stock but everything is interior B, E, L, etc., no honeycombs! Thank you for testing that.
  19. Zoe

    Wooden Dice!

    Those boulders really do feel great in your hand! I wasn't hugely into the metal ones, but a wood one is definitely up my alley.
  20. I enjoy (human) sports where it's legal to rough-house (I guess it's not entirely legal in NASCAR... but whatever). In truth, my physicist background is what makes me enjoy the cars going around in circles. And that you don't really have to pay attention for most of it, just have it on in the background. You called his mother a colander?! It took me entirely too long after moving to the northeast to wear a gosh dang hat and scarf when it got into the teens or below. My cheeks practically bleed in cold wind. My face is none too happy right now with the back and forth with the weather.
  21. I was wondering why I was tagged in this thread. This makes sense. (For the record, my sports are hockey, NASCAR, and any sports with dogs in it. My rookie got 11th in the Iditarod last week, the Penguins are doing pretty good, the Knights are doing even better... I'm pretty content over here.)
  22. Zoe

    Wooden Dice!

    It looks like you have them correct - the Ziricote will have less contrasting, obvious grain while the Chacate Preto should have grain that is more noticeably differentiated. It's hard with the photo to tell. Because of our sealing lacquer finish, you shouldn't need to worry about the inlays. Most of them are crushed something or other - mother of pearl, malachite, jet, etc. But they are sealed in there with our finish, along with a special glue when first applied. You can see some of the process on our Instagram (instagram.com/dogmight)! As with all our products, a bit of Murphy's oil can clean and shine 'em back up if need be.
  23. (as seen on our Twitter) Tip #37: DON'T SHAVE YOUR BEARD WITH YOUR BATTLE AXE Feel free to share your Viking Lumberjack tips below. Truly valuable advice may be posted on our Twitter!
  24. I'm almost the opposite - it was Euro games that got me into board games. I found other board games fun, but not the way I find Euro games fun. The majority of what we play at my house are definitely Euros... It's a crime that I don't own Viticulture, though. Especially when it's the one I can actually beat my boyfriend, the King of Agricola, at!!