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  1. PLAYED ROOT THIS WEEKEND FINALLY. I love it just as much as I thought I would. I played the Vagabond and won, but I was initially taking both rewards for my quests (I'm supposed to pick one). We made me get rid of an item, some VP, and some cards to make up for it, but idk how things still would have gone if I had been paying attention. We also think our friend that was playing the cat maybe was doing recruiting incorrectly - we have to check. It was a great first game, but I think it'll be better next time. They also all completely left me alone as the Vagabond. Nobody attacked me, I never had to hide in the woods, etc., and that definitely made my life way too easy. I REALLY love the Vagabond, it's very much my style (and I'm super pumped to use the opossum character card from the expansion at some point), but I'll play a different faction next time to be fair. I really like how long the game is, as well. I'm not sure if it was just playing the Vagabond, but I felt like we all had enough time to follow through on our various plans. Things build quickly. May be different as the Woodland Alliance, not sure. Anyway, looking forward to playing it 100% correct next time!
  2. Ooh, they just left for Grandcon, but @Lindsey should know! She loves the Monte Cook stuff.
  3. I saw that! And it does have a lot of 2 player options. There's also a co-op option if you have the expansion. I haven't tried it yet at all but I'll let you know! We'll probably be doing a 4 player game this weekend, but that might give us a rough idea on how it would be for 2 players. I imagine it's pretty different, though.
  4. Oh yes. We have all the expansions!!! We're definitely doing the airships next, do that a few times, and then eventually do Rise of Fenris, haha. I'm really pumped about the airships!!! I'm happy to hear they don't change things too much. We also still need to learn Root, though!
  5. Okay, finally posting my Scythe update!!! A few weekends ago, we had a six player game with two newbies who don't play much. This went terribly for me because I focused wayyyy too much on my objective, was really stubborn about my plans, and.. well, I probably had too much hard cider, honestly. Me (Olga & Changa, making this even more embarrassing, because yes, I ended on the factory): 20 points... Newbie 1 (Gunter & Nacht): 30 points R (Connor & Max, from the expansion): 30 points Newbie 2 (Anna & Woitek): 45 points A (Akiko & Jiro, from the expansion): 47 points Isaac (Zehra & Kar): 65 points because of course Then we played the weekend after, back to our original four, and all of the stars aligned, finally... I think this was the best game we've had so far and it's clear we all figured out wtf to do now. Isaac (Connor & Max): 58 points A (I forget who she was playing??): 81 points Me (Gunter & Nacht): 96 points R (Akiko & Jiro): 110 points I would have won if R hadn't been ballsy and gone into combat with Isaac at the end, I think. Isaac also made a mistake getting into combat with me at the very end there. He thought I wouldn't put all my power into it (I was almost at max), but I'm an all or nothing kinda gal, especially because I wanted another star on the board. So, even though I only had one piece and he had three, I crushed him. He had nearly zero power, because he was focusing a bit too much on the objective he had, which required him to be at zero. It was an awesome game, though. It felt like all four of us were playing, instead of Isaac & A and R & me playing our own games within one, hahaha. I also didn't partake in any alcohol for that one, so... this lightweight may keep that habit up for Scythe.
  6. @Zoxe That sounds so awesome!!! Like a dream con!
  7. HAH. I love 'Never Stay Calm, Just be a Viking' but then I think 'For my first action, I'd like to rage...' may have won out.
  8. I LOVE the photos of them all muddied up, hahahaha, oh my word!!! And what lovely breeds they both are. 😍
  9. Omg, I love the little components. Like Lucky Charms' marshmallows..
  10. Oooh. Oh dear. I need to go read that.
  11. This might be the most amazing, honorable use of one of our products ever. I fricken love this.
  12. @Konas might have a good feel for how many cards fit in there as well, since he uses his for L5R!
  13. Ahh, I do understand that feeling and often feel that way about Agricola (but I also have a Dream and Obsession with having a bunch of sheep... @WxCougar was the one with livestock, right?!). I was worried I'd feel that way about Scythe but at least this first play through was okay for me. Then again, I've also been playing board games with these three for years, so I know how these games tend to break down with them. And I know that next game, the three of us will be ganging up on my boyfriend...
  14. Yes!! We only had two scuffles I think, and I believe they only had two or three the time they played without me. I like the tension of the threat while you are just trying to get some metal. Hah! The popularity is so huge. I'm not sure if you can win while still in the bottom tier, if everyone else is in the second or third?
  15. Yes! It makes every game so different. I love it. The three of them like the randomization of the characters but I think we should get to pick. 👀 But that's just because I have animal preferences.
  16. It's sooooo good!!! I just love how things click together. I was so lucky, too - the board I got to go with my bird lady was perfectly in sync with her. If I had more experience, I would have been able to devastate pretty well. I'm probably going to get the boyfriend to play 1v1 with me during the week at this rate. I started with the highest power and highest popularity, but zero combat cards. I thought it would be smart to focus on combat cards because of my ability and because one of my objectives was to get 8 cards and win a battle. I should have focused on the other objective - which was to control 5 territories around a lake, which isn't so hard if you have the wayfare ability - and just casually took up combat cards for resources. My priorities were too split. GAH. Yeah, I'm itchin' to play again..
  17. Alright, finally got to have a game weekend (because I finally got to stay home this weekend). First we played BarBEARian Battlegrounds which bf and I had tested out just the two of us earlier in the week. We played it with our couple friends, A & R. I played the winter/blue bears and even though I was in last for the majority of the game, I HAD A PLAN. I stayed super defensive, locked my glory flags all the time so they couldn't be stolen when people did successfully attack me, and then just stocked up on resources like crazy. Bf thought he would've had all the resources, since he monopolized the specialists, BUT HE PLAYED TOO SAFE. I went all in and did a grand offering, then fulfilled my objectives rapid fire and SHABAM. Won. It was awesome. It was a pretty close game. Definitely not as great with just two players. 3-4 is definitely where it's at. THEN FINALLY... I got to play Scythe. Bf, A, & R all tried it out when I was at GenCon. We have all the expansions, including Rise of Fenris now, but we kept it vanilla for now while we all learn. Before I give my report, I should note that both my boyfriend and A are crazy good at Agricola, so A's husband and I usually expect defeat in these types of games (not that we give up, but we are prepared). I will say I enjoyed Scythe more than Agricola, I think. More my style. Here's how it went down while I was gone: A had Zehra & Kar (Crimean) - 43 points R had Bjorn & Mox (Nordic) - 32 points Boyfriend had Gunter & Nacht (Saxony) - 62 points because he's an absolute jerk And here's how it went this weekend with the four of us this time (all of them now having more experience than me): A had Nordic this time - 77 R had Saxony - 75 I had Crimean - 39 Boyfriend had Polania (his dream faction) - 90 stupid points HOWEVER!!! As Zehra & Kar, I can use combat cards as resource tokens. I also had an objective of having 8 combat cards in my hand along with 1 combat victory. So I enlisted near the very beginning to get the combat card bonus any time the people to my left or right (or myself) enlisted. This worked pretty well. I amassed combat cards. While my boyfriend had three people on the factory, I went in with three of mine. At this point, everyone else had 4-5 stars on the table, I only had two. But I knew if I got him, I'd get two stars. I had two 5s and a 4 in my combat cards and was pretty confident. Additionally, I'd get the factory... This was easily one of our best game moments. We knew it wouldn't win me the game but it could've had a major effect on Isaac's win and either way it was a bit ballsy for a last placer, lmao. If I lost I was gonna be pretty screwed. I thought for sure we would either tie (I'd still win) or he'd beat me by 1 point with three 5 cards. The four of us held our breath. It was quite tense. He turned his cards over... 5... 4... 4! I WON! We all exhaled and even though Isaac lost, he gave me kudos. So that was pretty sweet. I think I did pretty good playing my first time. My BIGGEST downfall is that I COMPLETELY NEGLECTED POPULARITY. I was in the bottom tier multiplier at the end, which is completely why I was so much lower. If I had been higher, if I had just built my monument instead of my armory, I would have done better. I probably would have stayed in last place but it would've been closer. So I certainly learned my lesson and had a blast. Definitely addicted to this like I have been with Netrunner and Seasons. You're building this engine and I can see my mistakes along the way, which makes me just wanna play again and again and again. I LOVE improving things and tweaking things and making things more efficient, so I get hooked fast. But it was nearly a 3 hour game so we stopped. 🤣 Hoping to play Scythe again and/or Root for the first time next weekend.
  18. HAHAHAHA I know at least blood for the blood god is a 40k reference. I wouldn't be surprised if they're all Warhammer-themed. (Speaking as an ex-40k player.) Loved those paints, though. And I agree, those horns look fricken sweet!
  19. I love the dirty cape. That's a nice touch.
  20. That is looking AWESOME! Wow!
  21. Wow, I was really afraid it was going to come out mostly smooth and lose all of its character, but it did not. That's awesome.