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  1. Oh, actually, it looks like the Mikes put it up this weekend and it already sold. 😂
  2. Oh, I totally should have. Thor is re-finishing it and it'll, uh.. be up.. on the website soon, though......... because I really want an inlaid Sentinel
  3. Zoe

    GENCON 2018!!

    I'm betting on myself. Can I do that? I felt like complete garbage yesterday. Annie would be my second choice. Jeremiah's a tank, though, it's rather unfair. I definitely didn't take enough vitamin C. I thought it was so awesome!!! I asked for a few photos of the girls standing along the booth but sorely regret not getting a photo of Fran from FF12. (She made it herself!! It was such a good costume!) They were all super nice and the people helping run their booth & line did so very respectfully for a family-friendly event. We probably bothered them more, what with our DOG MIGHT screams for Cheese Weasel every 15 minutes. 😂
  4. @Konas and @Lindsey backed so you can probably just ask them to up theirs to 2 sets!
  5. Zoe

    GENCON 2018!!

    I ACHIEVED PIN QUEEN STATUS YOU GUYS I was able to participate in some STELLAR trades so I really only paid for one of these pins (the Pachimari Blizzard one). Although to be fair, I got the Root one because I bought the game and the expansion. The rest were free or trades that I was able to execute because of pins that I got at PAX Unplugged or Origins. (In fact, the Vast one I got from a customer who appreciated my help back at Origins!!) There was a girl with a bunch of Pokemon pins going around looking to trade - I got my Raikou, Jirachi, Catpuccino, and the Majora's Mask pins all because of her and her lack of Game of Thrones pins. As for my loot: Root + expansion, Before There Were Stars, Scythe: Rise of Fenris (physical copy!!!! not pre-order!!! eeee!), Chessex Vortex set (the blue one with gold), Chessex burgundyish Borealis D20 that was discontinued, Crystal Caste Gen Con 2018 set (green with like gold flakes, love it for a forest or swamp witch), some Blizzard loot (Pachimari pin, Pachimari plush key chain that squeaks, golden Pachimari con exclusive plush, and Ana vinyl figure that I got for free because it didn't have a base... gotta pass that to Jeremiah in the shop still so I can mount it on a spalted tamarind plinth), and finally a lovely print from our artist for Countdown! 😍 Ooh, and a t-shirt that looks like a National Forest sign but it's for Mirkwood. ♥️
  6. YOU GUYSSSSS. It turns out one of our Viking Lumberjacks grew up with the artist of Root (and Vast), so... I bought Root & the expansion, got them autographed, and then our Viking Lumberjack also purchased Vast. (So we've got a shop copy of Vast for ya now @Rosie!) I'm still working out the rules for Root (everyone's rules are suuuuper different, so I don't feel confident about playing correctly until I learn each faction's rules) but it looks amazingly adorable and I'm super in love with it already. It's kind of Euro-y, worker-placement-y, but very unique.
  7. Ooh, just ordered Scythe and the expansions this past weekend. Really excited to try it.
  8. From the bottom, the 5th and 9th sets (a white set and then a creamy set) look a lot like my steampunk dice! At least, from the photo - can't make out the details on their faces. I have these ones:
  9. Oooh!! I think I see my steampunk dice in there - did you already tell me as much in another thread, that you had the same set? I like a lot of the pretty purpley pink ones in your husband's collection, though...
  10. I gotta write up bios for the apprentices! Thanks to Rosie, I can probably actually do that tomorrow.
  11. It should just be me jumping in front of the bus on my own. I'll take the hit!!! @Rosie is too kind to throw me under, though, and I couldn't possibly throw her under!
  12. She's only been here a week and she's already my savior. 👌
  13. Ooh, that sounds interesting. I'll have to check this out. Thanks!