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  1. Eeesh! That's not fun at all. Be gentle with yourself!
  2. I love her!!! Omg!!! Also, re: your elbow, try to make sure you aren't resting on it directly when you're on the computer, painting, driving, etc. Rest on your forearms. There's a few points around the elbow that will lead to tendonitis if you put pressure on it too often for too long.
  3. Yessss!!! So happy to see them! That purple came out SO WELL, I was delighted to send them off to you.
  4. I do not. In fact, I don't actually own it. A friend of ours we used to live near has it - so really, I should also.. buy it. And the expansions. Regardless, still excited!
  5. Viticulture!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do it!!! It's delightful.
  6. I wore my Santa skull sweater today in faux celebration. This winter wonderland is only acceptable if we get another set of holidays.
  7. Oh my gosh, I used that laundromat when our washer was broken. Hah!
  8. That one I've practically grown attached to at this point!
  9. Here they are in my tiny hands!!
  10. Ahahahaha.. yeah. My hometown was one of the ones on fire before Christmas! And then the mudslides. Still can't beat being 15 minutes from the mountains and 15 minutes from the ocean at any given time, though.
  11. I like how we went from @RomyCat's lovely, peaceful forest imagery to @Barb Bliss's CREEPY KILLER CLOWN. But yeah, sorry about your jaguar, Romy! I thought it was going to win based on the initial votes, too. Yggdrasil will be A+ for your original theme, it sounds like? What are your feelings on the Hydra? Hmm.
  12. I absolutely love this omg..
  13. Oh, oops. 👀 I should say that's all Black Walnut (Dark Walnut's one of our stains for the White Ash, but it's real easy to mix up the names).
  14. This is awesome, oh my gosh!!! I love seeing the intent and reason behind your customization choices - like the fire theme you've got going on. That's awesome. In your third photo, what are the little wooden squares in the bottom half, right side of the case? They look nice.
  15. Grab some mineral oil from the pharmacy section of your local drugstore (cheaper than getting some fancy combo that has the same effect ultimately) and cover the surface of the cutting board with it. Let it soak overnight if you can. Wipe away the excess. Voila! If you get any stains or want to clean it, white vinegar or lemon juice will do less damage to the wood fibers than soap and water. You can also powder the surface with baking soda and then soak in white vinegar to help remove any nasty stains, etc. Don't make my mistake of resting your water pitcher on it overnight and getting a water stain...