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  1. PPCs (Player Pet Characters)

    Oh my gosh, I love his ears, @Laurent! A few of my friends have some early grey-ers, too.
  2. Oh no, @Serge Darveau.. I don't even know if I'd like that game, I just want it for that Radiant Dog card. Frick. I'm such a sucker for art.
  3. Mwahahahaha! *rubs hands together* 😈 AN ENDLESS STREAM OF HIGH QUALITY WOOD PRODUCTS!
  4. @Thomas Browne There'll be more!!!
  5. One of the Christmas gifts my mom sent me this year never showed up. They sent out a new one for free and I got that one fine. Then a couple weeks ago, my boyfriend and I locked ourselves (and our two dogs, and the dog we were dogsitting) out of the house. The third dog threw our routine out of whack enough for us to lock ourselves out, I guess. Anyway... We were going around the house, trying to figure out if we left any windows unlocked to break in and.. voila! Buried in the snow, the original package my mom sent me. (But no unlocked windows.) Our house & yard has a pretty strange layout, so it must have not been the usual delivery person and they got confused and just left it in the wilderness that hides our house from the street. I can't imagine finding something on the roof!
  6. @Barb Bliss Yep! Just checked. Yours is made of the same wood types & pattern. That box better be nothing worse than dusty...
  7. Favorite Dogmight Product

    Ahh, touche, touche!!
  8. Favorite Dogmight Product

    Don't do me like this, @Thomas Browne...
  9. Yeah, he is always very nice with our stuff! Just grabs 2-3 boxes at a time in a stack and carries them into his truck. He always has all his packages arranged in there, I dunno how these guys are able to just throw 'em in haphazard and still fit everything they pick up for the day! When we have an absurd amount of packages (like the 100-200 packages we were doing around the holidays..), our Lumberjacks will usually help him out, too.
  10. Favorite Dogmight Product

    @Thomas Browne.. I'm sorry (I'm not sorry)! ..To quote a popular song. @HarenM Does this mean you're getting a GM System in Bubinga?! I need to start keeping score in the great Bubinga vs Chechen war.
  11. Oh my gosh, I'd be here all day if I replied to everything I laughed at today, but I just LOVE you guys. (I'm still laughing @tgpumpkin's "is there no respect?!" comment... I'll go fix that sign for you. ) Also: if you guys have any troubles with that promo code and it ends up not applying or something, just shoot me an email, I'll refund ya the 20%. @ElysianPeace check your email!! You should have a pre-paid return label to print out - we'll fix your new friend up you. Those bullies!! Between this and @Barb Bliss's package... if you could just see my face! I'm gonna go weep over how wonderful you all are now...
  12. @Thomas Browne @yatescory Bwahahaha, I'm so glad Thomas picked up that a caramel-y Rosewood Skirmish Box, and I'm further delighted that you knew he needed it, Cory. @Barb Bliss YESSSS I'm so glad they arrived safely! What a journey they had, it seems, my word! I will admit: I giggled when I packaged up the pink elephant. I just love it. I agree - house rules needed for sure!!
  13. @tgpumpkin Did you open it yet?! What are we waiting for!!! I need to know!!! Mostly I just wanna see your reaction to your pretty, pretty orange CoCo.
  14. @Ian Coyle ... gasp. I don't have words.
  15. Miniature Painting

    @Barb Bliss Eesh! I would have thought it'd be colder here! I don't envy you (and neither do my dogs). @Blinkus Maximus HOLY MOLEY. I thought that was a painting before I scrolled down and saw the shadows! That's fantastic!!!