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  1. I have no control over this!!! Please do not hold this against me!!!
  2. Oh, I am loving the banshee. She looks fantastic.
  3. Oh man! Can we open Barb's surprise box at the company holiday party this Friday?!
  4. It's lovely! I may be able to dig up some photos somewhere if you want, but it does great. Bubinga isn't too dark so it always pops. My favorite pieces of Bubinga are very wavy and have a tonnnn of chatoyancy. We've had a few batches come through recently that were more straight-grained, though, and those are not as exciting.
  5. My addictions are first and foremost dog sports/stuff, then probably dice. I, like @Konas, like to get new dice for each character... the problem is that I assign them a small color palette and then EVERY time I see dice that fit those colors, I want those dice for that character as well. And then it just never ends. I also have an earring addiction. It's gotten so bad that people don't know what earrings to get me as gifts anymore. Oh, and jackets... I have a really bad jacket problem. I may have more jackets than I do shirts. Definitely more jackets than pants or dresses.
  6. Not new! We've been using more of it for retail and Kickstarter orders, though, so it hasn't seen the stock page as much lately. It's one of my favs.
  7. One of them does come on the forums sometimes!!
  8. Oh my goodness @Konas did you really add that? 😂 It only works because Scott is color blind so reds look like browns.