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  1. @LuckyIke Yay!!! I'm so glad, bwehehe! (That's a crafty giggle.) Ooh, maybe I should just do a 2 player game with my boyfriend.. We keep trying to do a 4 player game, but our group keeps being 5-7 people, which isn't quite enough to warrant splitting up, generally.
  2. PPCs (Player Pet Characters)

    Oh, I did not do the art! I wish! I think the only artists around these parts are @Konas and @Lindsey. I couldn't draw my way out of a paper bag, as they say. Much better at calculus and accidentally breaking things because I don't know my own strength. The art is by Sammy Savos, I think her internet handle is hamotzi. But thank you! I adore the pieces she made.
  3. PPCs (Player Pet Characters)

    OOPS I LIED, you gotta see this one. Here they are on duty last winter.
  4. PPCs (Player Pet Characters)

    omgggg alright so I have a Problem (capitalized for emphasis) and that's why it's taken me awhile to post this (and by Problem, I mean I got both my dogs custom class-based tags and custom class-based art) (zero regrets) I am limiting myself to their art, tags, one photo each, & one photo of them together... otherwise we'll be here forever Name: Gunner Race: Mashed potato Class: Paladin Best Known Skill: he protec from the vicious squirrels and rabbits (the 'protec' is a meme.. not a typo. sorry not sorry.) Famous For: being a whiny mashed potato Most Ashamed Of: you having negative feelings for any reason, he would like to apologize for anything and everything and lick your face until it hurts and you feel better. he will also whine the entire time. Name: Asher Race: Skunk Class: Rogue Best Known Skill: traveling through different planes Famous For: looking like a judgmental cryptid Most Ashamed Of: being afraid of cardboard boxes Gunner is lawful good, obviously, and Asher is chaotic good.. sometimes chaotic neutral.
  5. Ohhh, duh! Okay, that's good. That sounds like a perfect place for him.
  6. @Barb Bliss, you scored 100%! That's all of 'em. Do you mean the gap for having the cards sit? Is it too narrow for what you're using it for? @LuckyIke I tried. That Santa Dragon is the greatest thing I've seen all week - I realize it's only Monday, but I'm willing to bit it's still winning by Saturday.
  7. Holy Netrunner and Agricola, @TheAuthorOfOZ! Those are two of my favs, but you have wayyyy more of the expansions for either than I do. I finally got Mice & Mystics, too, thanks to @Lindsey. I gotta play it so I can see if I need these expansions... Ooh, I've never heard of Saloon Tycoon, @Serge Darveau! How's that? I like this idea, Author. I don't have a profile myself, but this is a great way to see people's tastes!
  8. Oh boy... definitely going to have to get this for my cat-obsessed scientist friends.
  9. I absolutely love this. I need to show my mom immediately, she's gonna lose her tree-lovin' mind!
  10. @LuckyIke Yessss!!! I am delighted to hear this. I am a staunch Bubinga supporter. It is under-appreciated. It's so swirly! And it can be kind of holographic too, because of how the wood grows. This is more noticeable in the Adventure Cases and Dice Chests. One day, I'll get myself something in Bubinga, with a Howling Wolf sculpt... @Ian Coyle You got 3 out of 5! Bubinga, Rosewood, Padauk (more orange and less deep than Redheart, more open grain), Black Walnut, and.. surprise! That's Flame Birch stained Crimson! @Serge Darveau got them all right, I think, and good catch on the Crimson, too, @LuckyIke. Chechen is.. hm... less smooth looking? Less soft looking? It looks less like melted chocolate that's ready to have a strawberry dipped in it and more like colorful striped stuff. There's more contrast throughout the grain for Chechen. I'm excited for @Barb Bliss to get her bundle and have some Rosewood in hand. And you guys have read my lumber page, right?! I even threw in Viking facts! There's a good photo of Chechen on there, too.
  11. Miniature Painting

    @Zoxe, I'm loving that big goat thing! I love how you shaded it.
  12. @Barb Bliss, that is simultaneously beyond adorable and very touching. Thanks for sharing that story. I'm gonna think of her every time now, too!
  13. Oooh, @LuckyIke, you're lucky indeed! Good guesses, but that's my baby Bubinga! We don't commonly make card stands out of Bubinga, so enjoy! I love the swirly grain it often has. That wood is probably my personal fav. @Serge Darveau, yours is indeed Padauk. You can tell that it's a bit more vibrant and the grain is much more open/porous (also generally more regular).
  14. This is 5000% my style of game and I immediately grabbed a copy when we were at PAX Unplugged. I love competitive board games like this but love it even more when those mechanics are paired with adorable foxes hidden inside of gorgeous trees. I love everything about this game and I haven't even gotten to play it yet! (Our group was too big over the holidays.) I was super impressed with the punch-outs and that it comes with dividers for the deep box that it comes in so you don't have to worry about your pretty trees getting crushed or having to dis-assemble. Really well done all around. And the seeds are all properly paired with the right type of tree and everything! I just love this game so much. 😭
  15. Omg, I didn't know about the goat meeples!!! Ahhh!!! Now I really want it!