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  1. I love the creepy Furby in the background. I'm definitely a politician strategy person, generally speaking... color it with being a small ~harmless~ girl... Always leads to me winning Bohnanza and maintaining my Bean Queen crown. 💅
  2. You gotta tag @tgpumpkin on that one!!!
  3. Oh no!! Sorry about that slot. If you curl the card a little bit to insert it and then let it settle, does it sit in there okay without damaging the card? If not, shoot me an email at zoe@dogmight.com and I can get you a replacement. 😁
  4. Oh, shoot! It looks like that chipped part might need re-stained as well. We'll see what @Konas has to say about it, but he's out and about at the moment..
  5. That's weird. They shipped the same day. They must be rushing on the table because it's probably a pain in the butt to keep in the trucks.
  6. I thought you'd appreciate that particularly fiery lookin' Canary! 😍 I've also got a Chechen Hero Sleeve.. or maybe I did send it... that had an amazing silvery feathered piece of sapwood. I think I did finally send it out, because the person had two Chechen sleeves, but I am worried they will want to send it back. Often happens with sapwood. If it is, I'll let you guys know.
  7. Oohh!!!! That sounds pretty stellar...
  8. OHHH I misunderstood when you said 'double deck infected' hahaha, sorry! I thought it meant something else. 🤣
  9. Ooh, I haven't heard of the first two! We did used to play a lot of Seven Wonders. I'll admit I got tired of it (like Evolution). 😬
  10. Well, usually it's boyfriend, myself, and then another couple (who we know from work, but they're our besties). Just the four of us. And then about 2-4x a year our NY and/or PA friends will come visit us, that's when it gets big. We do go down to PA to visit family every other month or so, and that turns into us (a couple) + another couple + our one single friend... 5 is definitely an awkward gaming number, I tell ya. It's always 2-4 players or 6-10. And all I wanna do is play Photosynthesis!! Aww, pumpkin. I want a heart-shaped pumpkin emoji just for when you make these types of posts.
  11. I always love to share this: my first board game was Arkham Horror with all the expansions. 😂I was a little overwhelmed and felt pretty useless. It was a big group - the club at my undergrad (where my boyfriend and I met...) - easily at least 10 people. We absolutely lost. But I still loved the heck out of it!
  12. Oh my gosh, I want this Village game now. Ex Libris also sounds great???
  13. This is an interesting take and I like it. I wanna put this on the website. "DMG is a lot like plants." I had the opposite car experience. I had a two door Grand Am GT with two 55 pound dogs. Now I have a Subaru Outback. One is obviously more functional than the other for my lifestyle. 😂 Similarly, the idea of continuing to pursue Warhammer 40k after the boyfriend & I left our college town and that cool local game store was... not reasonable. The hardest thing we struggle with now is finding games with enough players that aren't either 1) too easy or 2) too long. I've got a lot of 4 player games which is perfect for the other board gaming couple we hang with most weekends, but when our out-of-town friends visit, we need games that can suit 6-10 players. Bohnanza remains one of the best solutions (particularly because I'm tired of Evolution, but also because I continue to be the reigning Bean Queen...). This is really interesting to see you guys talk about, though. It's rather a big honor to know that you guys want to collect our stuff. That warms my li'l heart.
  14. 😂 Someone tagged me in this photo a couple weeks ago, since I think it's cute when dogs dig.. (Neither of mine do unless they've found a rodent that's hiding.)
  15. My California upbringing (which was mosquito- & tick-free, as well as mostly poison ivy & poison oak free) did not prepare me for the bugs of the world, honestly. I always figured gnats are just, you know, teeny flies. They don't bite! Apparently I am wrong.