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  1. Omg, that's amazing that she tolerated that.
  2. Annnnd you're our forum winner!!! I am making the Facebook post now as well to announce the other winners!! Shoot me an email at info@dogmight.com so I can get your shipping info and send you your prize!
  3. Ohmygosh, this costume is TOO perfect for your scruffy fluffer!!!
  4. Does @tgpumpkin know about what the Pumpkin Regatta? https://www.opb.org/news/article/west-coast-pumpkin-regatta-2018/ Looks like a Viking is already partaking in this celebration..
  5. I'm innocent!!!!!! I am just the messenger!!! Just reporting the crimes!!! ... frick that makes me a snitch, though ...
  6. I saw an ad for these yesterday, but can't find the exact video - it ended by saying "PUNCH A PUMPKIN," though, so obviously gotta share it. Tempted to put it beyond the @tgpumpkin barrier because my goodness! He needs to be aware! https://pumpkinpunches.com/home
  7. Oh! And some new stock today!! A sculpted Bocote sheath and some more experimental UNICORN VOMIT, haha.
  8. 😍😍😍 I'm so happy to see this again and to see it shared here! I LOVE this Sentinel!!! So glad you are so happy with it.
  9. This is so awesome!! Ohmygosh. I LOVE that sunset photo. And oh no - I didn't realize you had lost your sheep! Gotta get yourself a livestock guardian dog breed next time 'round. How much poop did you have to deal with having just the three? 🤔 I always want to have sheep, just to be able to justify learning how to teach my dogs how to herd (although it's mostly inherent/genetic anyway), but at that point I think it may only be worthwhile if you've got at least 5 sheep... and my boyfriend doesn't like the sound of how much poop that may turn out to be. Probably gonna get chickens once we buy a house, though! My one dog will enjoy protecting them, I think, since he already likes to yell at deer to go away.
  10. What! These are awesome! I want to see what you made!!