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  1. I didn't choose her because I didn't think she would work well with 2P though I really liked her. I instead chose to go with the gear box, in part because of his relation with the music box.
  2. I don't want to give any spoilers away, so I will just say it was the box with the music note on it.
  3. Shakespeare In Shakespeare, players are theater managers who must hire actors and craftsmen for a show where the queen will be attending. The costumes must be perfect and the stage magnificent. You have six days with one dress rehearsal to get ready for the biggest moment of your career. And don't forget to pay the workers or it won't matter how good the performance looks. Shakespeare (with the expansion Back Stage) is one of my all time favorite games. Having taken a Shakespeare class in collage and enjoyed it, this game interested me. I will admit the directions were a bit confusing but once I figured out how to play the fun started. I have played this game so many times with @RomyCat, but I am happy to say that I also enjoy it solo. The only negative about solo is your goal, which is to simply get the highest score possible. I prefer when solo games have a more complex winning goal. That being said, the scoring in this game is not what I focus on when playing (When playing solo that is. When against others I want a high score). I just enjoy the challenge of tying to have the best dressed actors, craftsmen, props......and paying everyone.
  4. @RomyCat and I played a few games of Gloomhaven yesterday and I got to retire a character for the first time in our adventures. It was very exciting to retire her. It not only opened up more road and city cards (so might run into her again) but I also got to open one of the sealed characters. My new character is of course not as strong as my old one (I had done a pretty good job of building her up) but I am up to the challenge of making this one just as strong if not better.
  5. Was going to give you a laughing emoji, but I am out of reactions ?
  6. One Deck Dugeon One Deck Dungeon is created specifically for solo play (you can add a second player, but it does not really focus on that). The player starts on the first floor of a dungeon and works their way down to the third floor to face one of the bosses. Along the way you level up, collect item, potions, etc. There are different levels of difficulty depending on which monster dungeon you attempt of explore. I really like One Deck Dungeon. Most games are made for multi play and solo might be added as an afterthought, losing some of its depth when played solo. Since Chris Cieslik designed One Deck Dungeon for solo, it does not have this problem. After defeating a monster and acquiring their card you can turn that card into abilities, experience, items or potions. I like that each card has so many uses depending how you turn and place them. This game stands out not just because it was created for solo play but because all the characters are female. I know some guys have had a problem with this. But there are so many games with all/mostly male leads, I think it's awesome there is one with all females. Even for people who are not solo players, I think they could enjoy this game. It's such a complete game you don't miss having a friend playing along. This picture is of One deck Dungeon: Forest of Shadows which can be played as a stand alone or an expansion.
  7. I do a lot of solo gaming and am always on the lookout for a good solo game. I decided to start this topic to talk about the games I think are great...or not so great....as solo plays. Let me know if there are any solo games you like or any you come across you think I should take a look at.
  8. Geek & Sundry. How Exciting! I can't wait to find out more.
  9. Wow! I liked seeing the process of how you got the lion person. I am impressed. You are putting just as much effort in the background as the item/creature. You're doing a great.
  10. I have forget to take pictures sometimes too. So will try to remember the next time I play those games.
  11. Are all those cards your own artwork? If so are you creating them on your computer or freehand?
  12. Never heard of Admiral before. Is it a fun game?
  13. A gaming table where you stand up and play. Now that is the gaming table I need.
  14. Alas, @RomyCat wins so few times against me she must make a big deal out of it when she does ? Now off to go look up the expansions ✈️
  15. I recently got the games Ex Libris and Village. Ex Libris - I like reading so this game caught my attention. There are so many characters(with awesome meeples and special abilities) you can choose to play and lots of ways to get books for your library. It also turned out to be a great solo game. I enjoyed it solo just as much if not more than multiplier. Village - A game where your meeples die and can get buried in the graveyard behind the church. Before death they can experience life by crafting, traveling, farming, going to the market, having a baby, etc. I had never seen a game where meeples get old and die so i was intrigued. Turns out I enjoy killing off meeples for points.
  16. For me it was Carcassonne and Dominion. For a while these were the only two games I had (not counting kids games I had because my daughter who was just starting school about then). My sister bought Catan and lots of its expansions. That sealed the deal. I was hooked.
  17. What board games pulled you into the world of gaming? I got the idea for this topic from a post from @tgpumpkin.
  18. As I type this it is raining. It's not very consistent though. It rains for a few minutes, stops for a bit and then starts again. Been doing this for a while. It just can't make up it's mind.
  19. Half way with the decks. How did that take?
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