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  1. Today I was at Walmart picking up ingredients for my daughter who is making cupcakes for a Halloween party when I saw Pumpkin Cookie Sandwiches. I had never had them before so I just could not resist getting them. They are soooo good. I need to learn how to make them.
  2. I'm ready to tackle The 7th Continent again and defeat another curse.
  3. I am surprised you didn't come up with something....but very glad you didn't
  4. Yours is close to @RomyCat's. Hers is Dec. 20th. When we where little the family would travel to our grandparents' house for Christmas. Our parents didn't want to take all the gifts with us so on Romy's birthday we would get to open all the gifts that were not going to be loaded in the car for the long trip. I loved her birthday just as much as she did ??
  5. My birthday was October 13th, but I was born on a Wednesday not a Friday. Though when I turned 13 my birthday was on Friday the 13th. @RomyCat teased me about it for a whole year, telling me how bad it was going to be. But in the end it turned out to be a really good birthday. So much for the 13th being bad luck.
  6. I highly approve! Can't wait to get to use them.
  7. I had roasted pumpkin seeds for breakfast.....don't judge
  8. I saw this and the first thing I thought of was @tgpumpkin and @Serge Darveau.....Sometimes I scare myself....
  9. @tgpumpkin, you are not supposed to be here. Didn't you read the topic title?
  10. Dog Might's creations do make great birthday gifts. It was a year ago this month that I received my first Dog Might product. A Spooky Pumpkin Themed Dice Box from my sister. It was an awesome gift that I still use often.
  11. That looks easy and so much fun. I want to "punch a pumpkin!"
  12. Most likely. So I say make them and put up a picture of them here.?
  13. Yesterday I went to the store and bought some roasted pumpkin seeds. So YUMMY!
  14. I don't know how you got that on him. The kitties here would never let me put a costume on them. The only thing I would have to show for my effort would be me covered in scratches.
  15. The youngest kitty in the house Lily is dressed as the classic board game Suburbia.
  16. LOL No, not real ones. But the dark chocolate ones were so very tasty ??
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