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  1. Yes that is what the blue cubes are for. You don't have to match the dice to the specific color location. But you do get extra points for doing so. I didn't get the points this game for that. I was more focused on getting the correct numbers for my Assassin Card than the colors on the Craftsman card.
  2. I have to agree. I liked Lords of Waterdeep but when we added Skullport there was a whole new level to the game.
  3. No, the boost dice are not a color. I am not sure what rule I messed up on but if I did I would like to correct that. What about the boost dice is incorrect?
  4. Roll Player In Roll Player you create a character as if you are going to use them in D&D or Pathfinder after the game. Each player board has a race (there are many to choose from) where you add things such as alliance and backstory. You build up their strength, dexterity, wisdom, etc throughout the game. You also purchase items for them such a weapons, armor, scrolls, etc. If you play with the expansion Monsters & Minions you get to use your new abilities and items to fight minions throughout the game and receive experiences. Once your character is fully built you face the Boss (with Monsters & Minions) so I hope you built a strong Hero. I have never played this game without Monsters & Minions, and I am not sure I would like it that much without it. To me a large part of the fun is fighting the badies. When playing solo I kind of forget the only goal is to get a high score because I have so much fun creating a Hero and killing minions that I don't really think about the end score. I recommend this game if you are also going to purchase Monsters & Minions at the same time.
  5. I spent a day playing (mostly) solo games. Shakespeare(with expansion Backstage) ~ One of my favorite games (with the expansion). I enjoy getting my play ready for the queen.Roll Player(with expansion Monsters & Minions) ~ I have never played this game without the expansion and think I would like it way less without it. The expansion gives me the opportunity to fight with the character I am creating. Who doesn't like to kill a few monsters and minions?One Deck Dungeon: Forest of Shadows (3 Plays) ~ I had the original ODD for some time when I received Forest of Shadows for Mother's Day earlier this year. I like the added challenge of poison.Ex Libris (2 Plays) ~ This game caught my attention because I like reading and I was not disappointed. I can't decide if I like this game better solo or with friends.Sagrada (2 Plays) ~ I pull this one out a lot for solo because it is quick and fun.....though most of the time I lose. Cottage Garden ~ A nice stroll through the garden after a day of gaming7 Wonders Duel (two plays with sister) ~ The only game of the day that was not solo. Romycat and I needed to work on our 10 x 10 challenge.
  6. I was just looking at that. Really want the cards for role player. It's one of the games I enjoy playing solo as well with others.
  7. I need that shirt. I was playing solo games today and listening to Christmas music.
  8. Nisha had waited outside near Thunder while the others went inside to clean up. She took in the farm around her. What a dull life farmers lived. Staying in one place, working the fields and praying for a good crop so they can keep their land and do it all over again the next year. Though she was thankful there were farmers, she did need to eat, she just didn't understand why anyone would want to be one. As the others made their way back outside Homer showed up telling of Bill's misadventure. Serves Bill right. Nisha mounted Thunder and waited for the others.
  9. Nisha rode into the farmyard atop Thunder, a black warhorse who snorted at taking in all the smells of the farm. Nisha had been up a couple of hours before daylight, preferring the darkness. Dismounting, she entered the farmhouse and looked around the kitchen at the others eating. The smells were inviting, but Nisha had already eaten breakfast. She was ready to get this journey started.
  10. It's true. I love my coCos but they don't all look like the same kind of wood and some of them are very light in color while others are much darker (which is how I thought all of mine would be) But then I don't know that much about wood.
  11. @RomyCat is trying to spread her obsessiveness with Kickstarter to me. Because of her I now have a Kickstarter account and have backed two games. In the past I had only gone in with her on some like dice and Dog Might. But I refuse to be completely sucked into that world. Games I have backed: Black Sonata because its sorta like a solo version of Scotland Yard and I like the Shakespeare theme. Pumpkin Patch: Bad Seed because I love playing holiday games. This one is not fully funded yet, but I think it will be.