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  1. The Guardian, definitely The Guardian.
  2. Lindsey, I just showed my daughter this comment (right before she walked out of the door for school) and she wanted you to know she really liked it. She would give it a heart reaction if she was on the site.
  3. She went with Flame Birch and Demon's Blood finish. Dagger and Talons sculpt.
  4. Today is my daughter's 15th birthday. For one of her gifts Romycat and I went in together and let her pick out a Dogmight product. She went with a Dragon Sheath. She was excited to pick out the wood and sculpt options for it. Thanks Dogmight for helping her have a good birthday.
  5. While Serge is distracted testing the game I take my chance to swipe the dice holding dragon.
  6. Thank so much. Not just for the discount but also for the great products you all make.
  7. I know I was not asked but oh well, will give my opinion anyway I would go with the dice tray unless you plan to DM in the near future. But I do have to admit, the GM systems looks really amazing.
  8. Going to make your game even bigger then?
  9. Wow! That's a huge game. How long does it take to play with all the tile. Also, I am very very jealous of your winter set. Been wanting that, but way to hard/expensive to get a hold of.
  10. Hope it was worth it It is a really good game. Among my favorites.
  11. I bet you hands hurt for a while after all that. I have a few expansions for carcassonne but nothing like you have. Love the cat.
  12. That one looks really good. It's the style of game I enjoy.
  13. You are putting so much work into this game