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  1. @RomyCat, the truth is you keep showing me Kickstarter games because if I like them it gives you another excuse to buy them 🎄 (just added the tree because I am in a holiday mood)
  2. I was sick for the last three days. The worst was on Thanksgiving. I spent pretty much the whole day sleeping. It was not till today that I even got to eat some of the Thanksgiving food. Thank goodness for leftovers. I am at last feeling better....but now Romycat is sick....
  3. Today @RomyCat and I played another game of Terraforming Mars so that she could finish up her 10x10 challenge for the year. We also played a game of Castles of Burgundy.
  4. The last couple of days have been chilly at last and I am loving it ? I wish it was like this most of the year.
  5. Last week my iPhone 5 broke. I have had it for years and was very happy with it. I want to get another iPhone, but not the latest. I am happy getting one that is a few generations old. I buy most of my music through iTunes and almost every day go walking while using my phone to listen to music. So it would make things easier to get another iPhone.
  6. @RomyCat and I played a game of Terraforming Mars and Founders of Gloomhaven tonight. I have played Founders of Gloomhaven three times now and I still feel a bit lost the last part of the game.
  7. Updating my list Black Sonata Feb 2019 Jetpack Joyride March 2019 Pumpkin Patch:Bad Seed Aug 2019 King Under the Mountain (Computer Game) Alpha Version Feb 2019 Welcome to.... March 2019
  8. Does Luigi get a cookie cutter too?
  9. It is not my fault that Batty prefers to hang out with Pumpkin in my room.
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