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  1. It's true. I love my coCos but they don't all look like the same kind of wood and some of them are very light in color while others are much darker (which is how I thought all of mine would be) But then I don't know that much about wood.
  2. @RomyCat is trying to spread her obsessiveness with Kickstarter to me. Because of her I now have a Kickstarter account and have backed two games. In the past I had only gone in with her on some like dice and Dog Might. But I refuse to be completely sucked into that world. Games I have backed: Black Sonata because its sorta like a solo version of Scotland Yard and I like the Shakespeare theme. Pumpkin Patch: Bad Seed because I love playing holiday games. This one is not fully funded yet, but I think it will be.
  3. With the man leaving, Nisha turned and stared at Mossbloom. Still she said nothing. Not in an effort to scare Moss, that would be pointless, but because if Nisha said anything to Moss right now she would start yelling. With everyone watching, now was not the time for that. But she would get an earful later!
  4. Nisha had been watching Mossbloom carefully with a bad feeling about what she was up too and knew it had something to do with those rings. When Mossbloom made her invite for anyone to join on her latest adventure it took everything Nisha had to control her temper. ”Are those, are those...horns?!” Nisha looked over at the guy who has shouted as others backed away form her. She was surprised that with her hood on anyone could tell. Her horns flowed backwards and did not stand up so usually the hood hid them well. Nisha stood up and pulling her hood back as she walked toward the man. Though to most it seemed her eyes never left the man's face, she took in everyone around her. Nisha was taller than most Tieflings, more the average of a human. She held herself in a way that made others think she feared nothing. People moved quickly out of her way. Stopping in front of the man Nisha said nothing. Just stared into his eyes. It amused her how she could cause so much fear from just looking intently at someone without speaking.
  5. Teraforming Mars and Viticulture are two of my all time favorite games played solo or with others. I have played Caverna solo a number of times and would recommend it to anyone who likes solo gaming. Have Scythe but have not tried it solo yet, will need to do that soon. @Adam, of all those on your list, which are your top three?
  6. Before Nisha could say more the old storytelling began speaking. It was a good piece of story telling and like most here she wondered if there was truth to any part of it. After the story Mossbloom leaned toward Nisha. "Compelling story. Wonder how much those remaining rings would fetch? The Royal Museum would buy them from me for a far amount. Of course, I would give a generous discount on behalf of desecrating the ashes of that king in the vase. By the way, I hope you were not offended by the storyteller's view of daemons. How many of these farmers sitting around getting drunk would panic if they knew a descendant of a daemon sat among them? Think they would try chasing you with pitchforks? Don't worry if they do. I have your back." Nisha had known Mossbloom long enough to know what that glint in her eyes meant. "You cause more trouble than a dozen tieflings. And if any of them tried to chase me with pitchforks they would quickly learn why tieflings have the reputation we do." Nisha did not worry that Mossbloom would really try any tricks or pranks on her. Mossbloom had learned the hard way the first time they met that it was a very bad idea. Yet Nisha had still ended up saving Mossbloom's life that day anyway, something she often regretted. "The last time I helped you I had a whole eleven army chasing me." She watched a crowd gather around the storyteller. "If I do not help, you will end up dead." Nisha looked back at Mossbloom, "You are a cursed pendant around my neck that I can not get rid of." The teifling pondered a few moments longer before sighing, "When do we leave?"
  7. "I have no home so what need do I have of trinkets. You should take my advice and leave your past behind. Why do you care so much that your people see you as a hero? " Nisha glanced over at a drunk as he stumble down the stairs demanding more ale. Being drunk made one an easy target to take out. Hopefully he had no enemies here tonight. Looking back at Mossbloom, "You know I am not tempted by gold or jewels. So why should I help you?"
  8. A figure in a dark cloak took in her surrounding from the entrance. She missed very little, a skill that had kept her alive many times. There were many expecting glaces toward a man in the corner. Nisha didn't see anything special about him, just a well traveled man who by the reaction of the people was most likely a storyteller. But looks could be deceiving. One of the first lessens life taught her at a far too young age. Nisha kept the hood of her cape up as she walked over and took a seat across from a young elf. "I thought I made it clear last we spoke I would no longer help you on your foolish adventures."
  9. That sounds like a great way to start out the 4th of July...... then followed up by a cookout 🍗🥩
  10. It is thundering outside. I a sure the rain is about to pour.
  11. It's natural. I looked it up. "Caño Cristales (English: Crystal Channel) is a Colombian river located in the Serrania de la Macarena province of Meta. It's a tributary of the Guayabero River. The river is commonly called the "River of Five Colors" or the "Liquid Rainbow," and is even referred to as the most beautiful river in the world due to its striking colors. The bed of the river from the end of July through November is variously colored yellow, green, blue, black, and especially red, the last caused by Macarenia clavigera plants (family Podostemaceae) on the bottom of the river."
  12. Rise of Tribes Rise of Tribes came in a couple of days ago. @RomyCat and I enjoyed it so much that we played it five times in a row. Players get to pick a tribe, use one of its special abilities to gather resources, make villages, and fight with other tribes over land. @RomyCat wanted to make sure I included a picture of the Saber Tooth Tiger CoCo.
  13. I have not played Arkham Horror before but I hear so much about it. I really do need to check it out.