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  1. Viticulture @RomyCat and I played a number of games today and used CoCos. Our first game was Viticulture. Romy was purple and I was green. We also used metal money. Since Romy bought all those metal coins she tries to fit them into any game she can 😛. I really love CoCos. How did I every play games without them.
  2. @Serge Darveau, how do you always seem to find so many random videos? 😄
  3. It's been a long time since I have heard this song. It's just as good as I remember. Now I want to go and watch the movie again.
  4. I am grilling chicken as I read this. Was checking in on the latest post between flipping the chicken. What kind of foods did you all cook on the grill?
  5. As I am a mother, I protest that this was not offered for Mother's Day. I collect mugs and I love gaming. This would have been perfect for me. There is no upcoming holidays in which I can celebrate myself so I cant justify buying this for myself 😭
  6. Would give you a laughing face but have not gotten the 10,000 signatures yet.
  7. For some strange reason I am suddenly in the mood for Chocolate Cheesecake.
  8. Was going to give this a laughing face....but alas, I am out of reactions for the day.
  9. I am so happy. The CoCos have arrived. They are still in the box unopened cause @RomyCat is still at work. We ordered ours in a set together so I feel it would be unfair to open it before she gets here.....but it is soooooo hard to wait. Every time I walk through the kitchen(Which is a lot cause I have to walk through the kitchen to get from my bedroom to the living room) I see the box setting there. I need Romy to come home now 😖
  10. It's called At Home. I love that store. My daughter and I discovered it and knew right away we had to bring Romy there. The first time we took her she bought the Tardis.