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  1. It's in the 80's and hot. I can't wait till fall.
  2. I know i am late to the game, but i surprised myself. I found all but Tom Jones....but i don't think i have ever heard of that movie before.
  3. My new Heart Ripper Blade looks awesome with my other DM items....OK, technically @RomyCat bought the bat, but I took it as soon as it came in and have been using it. So I am claiming it as mine. (Sorry, the lighting was not that great.The dagger is much darker than it appears.)
  4. I ate a piece of pumpkin cream pie for breakfast this morning, and I will not apologize for it.
  5. @Serge Darveau, share the snow. It's raining here, but I would love it coated in white instead.
  6. Good luck with all the painting. Look forward to seeing pictures when you are all done.
  7. @tgpumpkin, you broke the rules of this thread by reading its content.
  8. My two roses: The pillow case for my new bamboo body pillow was delivered. I am going to get some solo gaming done today. My thorn: I am sure the kitties will mess up my solo games a few times... they always do...
  9. @RomyCat, my daughter, and I have played the first two chapters of House of Danger. Every card that my daughter reads, she does in a different voice: Southern, British, Scottish, khajiit, Pinky Pie, etc. She is soooo good at it....and I am not just saying that as her parent. She could have a career in voice acting. I am very jealous. I am from the South and can't even do a good Southern accent.
  10. I like this idea. My two roses are: 1)The weather is sooooo much cooler now. I hate the heat. 2) I had a fun Halloween Pathfinder get together over the weekend. My thorn is: My dad was really sick last night and almost had me take him to the emergency room. He decided to wait and go to his family doctor today.
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