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  1. I finally decided on 4 sets in Cherry although I did consider Wenge. In the end price and matching my Duchess game table swayed me. Each set has: Card, Double, 2 * Square, 2 * Dual, Counter, Reverse Deck That should give me a good balance for both solo games and when I have friends over. I decided against 'Quad' as the holes seem really small for getting fingers in and grabbing markers. 'Poker' tiles just didn't have enough room for the amount of chips we often have in hand when playing 18xx or Power Grid. I toyed with 2 XL 'sammiches', but the 4-set gave more tiles for pretty much the same price. I also bought a DMG dice tower and 4 card stands separately, and I'm really happy with the Cherry.
  2. > Enlighten me on the pros and cons of the deck tile vs reverse deck tile With the alignment marker at the top of the tile the 'Deck' tile has the high side of the tile at the top, and therefore the slope going away from you. The 'Reverse Deck' has the high side of the tile at the bottom, and therefore the slope is towards you. So with 'Deck' you draw cards away from you and with 'Reverse Deck' towards you. However, if you're not using any of the single card tiles ( 'Double' or 'Card') then I don't see why you couldn't just turn the tiles around and have the alignment marker at the bottom, so the 'Deck' tile draws toward you. I chose 'Reverse Deck' as I have single card tiles in my sets, so will need to have the alignment markers at the top, and I want to draw cards towards me.
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