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  1. Yea 4e gets a bad rep some times but it's fun its really combat focused (last week 1 of my turns in combat took 10 mins to finish) and there is alot of math.
  2. The player pad I got for my wife arrived last week and I finally was able to pry it away from her long enough to get a picture. The 4e cover came out great and she absolutely loves it.
  3. I'd buy a wooden brush holder especially if it is as good looking as the mini holders lol
  4. Well it kinda has to be. It's a collapsible try table I have to break down and set up every time I paint lol
  5. Brush holder you say? I'm all ears... where do I sign up to test that
  6. I broke in my painting handle Saturday and did a little painting I'm absolutely loving the handle
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