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  1. Shawshank redemption. Just realized that the drain pipe and the dude in the water were the same clue
  2. the piano. I just realized what it was lol
  3. and duh I am stupid I get it now... 4 weddings and a funeral
  4. Then that's a bar of soap lol Fight club
  5. Point break. Eraser. Edward scissorhands. Matrix. Robinhood prince of thieves. Wayne's world. Thelma and Louise
  6. the fire is back to the future. How was that not already guessed i didn't say it cause I thought it was already there lol
  7. Willow. The balding guy next to the dog
  8. Blade runner. Dude is literally running on a blade in the picture
  9. Labyrinth. The baby is there on the grass
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