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  1. Aieeee! A FLOOF kitty!!! And so pretty! We rescued two kittens last spring from our vet...because we clearly needed more (cats are like potato chips, etc. etc.)...one of them is a little tabby boy (I have a soft spot for tabby cats) and his brother is a floofy cat with a HUUUGE tail...also a tabby, but he looks like someone took his brother and puffed hard on a paw to make him floooof out. 😄 He is starting to look a lot like a Maine Coon..except probably half the weight. LOL.
  2. I have to be careful to pick the right screen to share myself, because 8 out of 10 times my other screen has one or more team chats up where at least one will be something along the line of "this is a waste of my time"...and spirals downwards from there.
  3. (p.s. I sort of feel sorry for the next new user who just wanted to step in here to post some fresh new DMG product pics...)
  4. Hoo boy, I step away from the stall for a moment and look what passes!
  5. Yeah, I like Purpleheart freshly cut and worked, but the vividness fades out too soon as it goes towards a more brown woodsy look. It's not unpleasant, but in the end IMHO it's not worth the added expense. I'd rather have another unique color, or at least a wood with a unique grain. Of course, I'm also partial to red. Redheart is an amazing wood that looks almost artificially (in a nice way) bright crimson when first finished. It does fade over time, but much slower, and to something still very much red. Especially if you take some care to keep it out of direct sunlight...in my experien
  6. Yeah, the road to my beloved unique creation...turns out to the DMG peeps it was "just another Tuesday" 😄 Seriously, the original in stock item I had purchased wasn't what i had envisioned, and after I talked with Anne about what I would want in my "perfect" world she was all "well, clearly you want Redheart banded with a lighter wood"...which I thought was a GREAT idea, why hadn't I thought of that before? And I found a picture online of a past similar in-stock Sentinel they had done earlier, and suggested that, with some changes closer to my idea. ...then looking harder, I
  7. It's all fun and games until you're LEAKING DICE...hehehe
  8. Yeah, the more I look at that Sentinel, the more I really like that banding. nice and red with just enough streaky in it. That was a good choice! And it contrasts nicely with the canarywood. ...sort of a ketchup and mustard thing. 😛
  9. OOOOOOO! Two awesome ideas: First, banding with Redheart, rather than as the base wood. Second...Canarywood!!! That's one wood I don't have anything made from. I love colored woods! I have nothing against, and appreciate the fine art of wood staining, but there's just something about what nature makes unaided. 🙂
  10. One other bonus thing I meant to mention...this compliments the colors on the Pathfinder 2E rulebook perfectly! 😄
  11. Hi Everyone! I'm new here. I just received the most beautiful creation from the DMG Team, and I had to share pics with you all so I could bask in your envy share my joy! Anne took up the challenge of satisfying a picky customer and personally worked with the exceptional crafting team to come up with quite frankly the perfect Sentinel. Redheart banded with African Mahogany, and my goodness is the sheer crimson something to behold. I tried to take some nice pics but the finish really has to be seen for real! I changed my mind on what dice to put in it when I saw the coloration. An
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