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  1. I need one of those light magnifying glasses. Which one did you get? I know @Barb Bliss some type of one too. Anyone have recommendations on what to buy? Good luck on finding space to paint. When I took up miniature painting, I set up a folding table I brought at Walmart in the Kitchen. Space is tight, and yes, we do have to walk around it to go to the living room. The table has become an all purpose table. My niece uses it for homework. We've played many tabletop and RPG games on it. And both my niece and I paint on it. It got bits of paint colors here and there on it. For a $40 table, we are getting a lot of use from it.
  2. Thanks for the link. I'm checking it out now. Wow, has different shades from different angles. Great for painting fairies. Sounds intriguing. Also found on Amazon the DecroArt color that @Serge Darveau posted.
  3. Ah, thanks for the tip. I need mother of pearl or Metallic Peacock pearl. I will see about buying one of them. will look awesome.
  4. I love the woman's dress. So shiny. I need to get that blue shiny effect on a water element mini from Quodd Heroes. I have been pondering how to pull that off.
  5. Ironically, this week I finally starting painting those same 3 mini's in the first picture. They are from a Reaper beginner kit which I found very informative on learning how to do washes and dry brush. Hopefully my will turn out as well as yours. I still have a long way to go on mine.
  6. I have that mini too! I loved painting that long tongue.
  7. If so, I may have to pick them up for my sister. Then we can do a co-pet adventure together.
  8. I started watching the YouTube series for this and been loving it. My whole family, in fact is watching it at different times. We have all finished Chapter 3. The DM screen you created looks awesome in the videos.
  9. I did back the Cat minis. Too cute to pass up. My sister wished I had gotten the dog ones a while back. I told her that you will be able to order them from their story once they get more in.
  10. Ah, thanks for sharing. I signed up for the reminder. I'm enjoying the base game.
  11. LInk: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/gamingbooks/the-dungeon-set-of-2-modular-books-of-battle-mats?ref=discovery_saved_ending_soon Last year I bought the giant battle mat books mentioned at the end of the video. They are awesome! The artwork is spot on. Put two together and you have a huge play area. This new Kickstarter allows the same flexibility but with smaller, more portable books. I recommend this for all DM's and for regular players who like to bring extras to their games.
  12. I pick up a lot of extras for roleplaying games, both through online stores, retail stores, and Kickstarter. So here is a thread where you can chat about what you love to buy to enhance our beloved games.
  13. I would be so jealous of that dog. Actually, in my Pathfinder game now, my Leopard had a much higher AC than me, a druid. I send her into battle, while I hang back and cast spells. We make a great team.
  14. I really like Dinogenics. I've only played it twice so I don't yet know enough to give advice. I love the artwork better than Dinosaur Island. I can't decide which of the two games I prefer. My sister prefers Dinosaur Island. I'm glad to have both in my collection.
  15. Got a several Kickstarters in recently. Not had a change to play them all. Bad Seed (my sister got this one)--cute fun game Atlantis Island of Gods--directions are a bit confusing. Need to play it a few more times to get a full understanding of it. Ancient World--read the rules, exited about playing it soon Empires of the Void II--started to read the rules, then the electricity went out due to bad weather. Micro Brew--read the rules. Hopefully will play this today. Quodd Heroes--already read the rules. Super excited about this one. Had to wait two years for this one. Kickstarters I am still waiting on: 2019 Roam (plus Haven) 2018 Awkward Guest Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood of Venice (due 2020) Welcome to Dino World Welcome to... Zoo-ography Expedition: the Future Skulk Hollow D6: Dungeons, Dudes, Dames, Danger, Dice & Dragons! Tiny Epic Mechs Bargain Quest & Black Market Incoming Transmission Snowdonia Tang Garden Neta-Tanka Skull Tales: Full Sail! 2017 7th Continent, 2nd wave expansions (I already got the base game in the first wave) 2016 Whelps to Wyrims (printed but developer ran out of money to ship them) As you can see, I doing MUCH better in not backing many games this year. But I am still have tons of games coming...and I'm running out of space for them again. Sigh.
  16. Wow. You do have your work cut out for you. I'm very behind myself on my minis. Plan to paint a lot this summer.
  17. Intriguing article. I agree that role playing games are more popular than ever. Last year the assistant band director (who is also my DM) had some teens meeting after school in my classroom where he taught them how to create characters and play a mini adventure. Sadly all of them graduated that year and we don't have a new group. One of our former seniors is now a regular at our Pathfinder meet ups. Several of us teachers have been playing Pathfinder together.
  18. Link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/953146955/roam-0?ref=user_menu First Kickstarter I have backed all year. I can't pass on Ryan Laukat's games. In fact, I just got two in for Kickstarter this week: Ancient World & Empires of the Void II
  19. My sister so wants to back this one. She is a HUGE fan of the game. I like that the Kickstarter gives a lot of promos.
  20. Barb, that cat Kickstarter looks awesome. I might have to get it.
  21. Glad, @Serge Darveau, you got your coins. I would have been upset not getting mine.
  22. I want to order another boxthrone too. Mine is full and so are most of my normal shelves. How do I keep running out of room?
  23. I love the cat mini. Oh, and the crow is cool.
  24. I have this one. Fun to play, but I don't think I've won yet. Came close.
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