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  1. Intriguing article. I agree that role playing games are more popular than ever. Last year the assistant band director (who is also my DM) had some teens meeting after school in my classroom where he taught them how to create characters and play a mini adventure. Sadly all of them graduated that year and we don't have a new group. One of our former seniors is now a regular at our Pathfinder meet ups. Several of us teachers have been playing Pathfinder together.
  2. Link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/953146955/roam-0?ref=user_menu First Kickstarter I have backed all year. I can't pass on Ryan Laukat's games. In fact, I just got two in for Kickstarter this week: Ancient World & Empires of the Void II
  3. My sister so wants to back this one. She is a HUGE fan of the game. I like that the Kickstarter gives a lot of promos.
  4. Barb, that cat Kickstarter looks awesome. I might have to get it.
  5. Glad, @Serge Darveau, you got your coins. I would have been upset not getting mine.
  6. I want to order another boxthrone too. Mine is full and so are most of my normal shelves. How do I keep running out of room?
  7. I love the cat mini. Oh, and the crow is cool.
  8. I have this one. Fun to play, but I don't think I've won yet. Came close.
  9. Very sorry about your lost. I have enjoyed seeing pictures of Pacha supervising your games. As a slave to cats myself, I know how it feels to be constantly watched and commanded by felines. And I"ve lost some beloved ones over the years. Its very painful. Thanks for sharing memories and pictures of Pacha on this thread.
  10. Great music. I enjoyed listening to that while posting on BGG.
  11. Just reporting on my progress to keep me on track. So far I have backed no games this year. There were several I wanted a LOT, but I said no. I bought no new games and only 1 used game from a friend for $12. There are two games which interest me on Kickstarter right now: Chocolate factory and Tiny Epic Tactics. I will keep pondering about them. Have not passed on a Tiny Epic game yet since I started buying the series with Tiny Epic Space.
  12. Link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/alleycatgames/chocolate-factory-for-1-4-chocolatiers?ref=profile_starred This one looks delicious. If I back one game this month, this one is high on my wish list. Chocolate!!!! How you you go wrong?
  13. This is one that I am considering. I'm limited to one game a month. Love that you can also play in a snow realm if you get the upgraded version.
  14. I'm proud of you. I made a news year resolution too and have keep it so far. Since early Dec. I have not backed or brought a single new game. And only bought 1 used game from a friend for $12. Still, I need allow myself to back one Kickstarter per month if I wish, so I can still pick up a few this year. My resolution is forcing me to think very careful and I keep passing on come cool games.
  15. My sister and I played this one twice and enjoyed it. I have not yet decided if I like this one or Dinosaur Island better. Both are fun. I like the look of this one better.
  16. Hey, a great idea for the next DMG game. A wood trivia game. One category should be "Would you guess my Wood?" Another about wood facts like "Which of the following wood is toxic?" Answer: Barb's famous rosewood.
  17. Did Zoe make an announcement I missed? If so, congrats, @Zoe
  18. I'm still waiting on mine to be delivered. Glad you are finally getting one.
  19. Wrong again. I actually did think Cherry as a possibility but didn't write it down. Cool, @Konas that your company has wood guessing contest. I found it quite fun trying to figure out what my woods were. I'm impressed with the final answers.
  20. Maybe with ash or Curly Birch (not read other's responses)
  21. Ooh, having read the other responses, I'm pleased to see others are thinking the same way. We'll find out if we're wrong or right.
  22. Totally missed those. Nice trick there, @Konas. Now to guess the next two before reading more. #3 Curly Birch #4 Ziricote
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